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Spent the last half hour trying it out. Wasn't really very impressed. First off, I ... Smartphone News forum

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    Spent the last half hour trying it out. Wasn't really very impressed. First off, I love using OperaMini on my BB Pearl, get's as close to IE as a browser - don't use Glide on Opera, looks like crap.

    So, used the BB browser to access Glide and it looks much better. But, now I've lost all my bookmark access.

    And who wants to jump back and forth between browsers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by elliedow View Post
    Have tried this out for the past couple of days, after signing up for the free account. All comments above about icons on the BB display apply! Have been able to upload some individual word files, but have not been able to view them on the BB. Ditto uploading folders , doesn't seem to happen at all, and have not been able to confirm adding anyone wiht permission to view my files. It looked great on the demo, but there seems to be very little help for new users.
    I tested out uploading a few word docs and was able to view them just fine. The layout takes a bit of getting used to but so far things look really good. I am very impressed.

    They still need to label the icons though!!

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    their app to work on OSX is utterly broken.....won't even launch.....

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    Updated. Press release:

    Glide OS Launches Support for Gmail
    The world's most compatible platform, the Glide OS, just got more compatible. Today Glide adds support for Gmail and integrates Glide's advanced security and file sharing features.
    "The Glide OS greatly increases the compatibility, integration and security of your favorite devices and applications," said TransMedia Chairman and CEO, Donald Leka. "We are pleased to not only add support for Gmail but to make the Gmail experience better for consumers and businesses by incorporating Glide's advanced security and file sharing features," said Mr. Leka.
    Consolidate and Add Powerful Sharing and Security Features to All of Your Personal and Work Email Accounts
    To protect your right to privacy online, register today for a Glide Free email account that is free of targeted advertising, provides the most full featured email service available, includes 5GBs of free storage and provides one stop access to all of your other personal and work email accounts.
    "The Glide Free Email Service redefines email with a full-featured word processor for composing multimedia email messages, integrated free Glide productivity applications for senders and recipients to edit documents, presentations, spreadsheets, photos, personal websites and more, highly advanced rights based file sharing with automated file translation to easily share universally compatible files -- all in a simple to use and powerful collaborative email client," said TransMedia Chairman and CEO, Donald Leka.
    "Search engine and ad placement technology is being misused by leading email services to read and monetize your private email. If the Post Office had an x-ray scanning device that could read personal letters and then print advertising on envelopes based on the content of personal letters generating revenue for the government, the public and the media would be up in arms. For the most part, people are unaware of how web mail services and search engine and targeted ad placement technology work together. The Glide Free Email Service solves this problem by not using targeted advertising as the business model behind it's service removing the means and the incentive to read and monetize your personal email," said Mr. Leka.
    Glide Email Features
    Glide Email is the ideal solution for Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris PCs and mobile devices with support for Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Palm, Symbian and Windows Mobile and includes the following functionality:
    -- Centralized Access to All of Your Email Accounts With a Single Login: Think of Glide as an air traffic controller for all of your email. You now have a single runway and landing strip for all of your emails.
    -- Supercharge your Email Accounts: Glide makes it possible to send and receive large files including videos, music, photos, documents, presentations, spreadsheets, slideshows, music and video playlists, unlimited personal websites and blogs, bookmarks, multimedia calendar events and calendars and more in tiny 5k emails. Files are automatically translated based on the recipients device and OS. Recipients can use Glide's free built in productivity and collaboration suite to edit documents, presentations, spreadsheets, photos, personal websites and more.
    -- Rights Based File Sharing: Assignable rights include: 1) View Only (restrict the number of views); 2) Download (restrict the number of downloads); 3) Modify (non-destructive editing that enables recipients to modify files using Glide's integrated productivity applications); 4) Upload (recipients of your emails can upload files to your email w/assignable file size restrictions). Glide's email statistics feature allows you to track whether recipients have viewed, downloaded, modified or uploaded files. You can always revoke or change access rights at any time.
    -- Unsend Attachments: Made a mistake? Attached the wrong file(s)? Sent an email to the wrong person(s)? No worries. Use Glide's "Unsend Attachments" feature and links to your attachments are rendered inactive immediately.
    -- Email Archiving: Archive your email and export to PDF, Glide Write and/or Microsoft Word formats. Backup files of all received and sent email for all of your accounts are stored in "Glide Docs."
    -- A Full Featured Email Word Processor: Glide provides full Word Processor capabilities to edit and format your emails. You can also directly import body text from your Microsoft Word, Open Office and Glide Write documents into your email composition and retain formatting; no need to copy and paste between two programs and reformat.
    -- Sending Group Emails: Glide provides a powerful and flexible solution for sending group emails making it easy to individualize each email and bypass recipient junk mail filters that often mistake group emails as spam. Simply draft your template email and select Glide's breakthrough "Clone" function, select a contact group you would like to send the email to and Glide automatically creates a folder in Drafts and an individually addressed email for each recipient in your group email. You can then personalize each email and schedule when you would like the group of emails to be sent.
    Additional Features
    -- Access your POP3 and IMAP email accounts in Glide
    -- Automated device OS and network recognition and file transcoding to stream media in the right format for the recipients of your emails
    -- Import text from Glide Write, Open Office, Microsoft Word and RTF documents
    -- Export any email to a Glide Write, Microsoft Word, RTF or PDF Document
    -- Glide Email is seamlessly integrated with the Glide Address Book
    -- Add Signatures
    -- Spellcheck
    -- Dictionary
    -- Thesaurus
    -- And much more
    Glide Mobile Device Support (Over 50 Devices)
    -- Apple iPhone / 3G iPhone/ iPod Touch
    -- BlackBerry Pearl (8100, 8120), Curve (8300, 8330), 8700, 8800, 7100

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    Thumbs down

    Which just proves Googles willingness to get into bed with anyone no matter how crappy the end result will be for the user.

    Quote Originally Posted by hayden View Post
    Updated. Press release:

    Glide OS Launches Support for Gmail

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