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    Top 5 Smartphone developments of 2009


    Via As smartphones further paved their place in the enterprises, Apple, RIM Blackberry, Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Motorola and Google Android are eying for the spotlight. In the last quarter, Gartner said that Smartphone sales had surpassed 41 million units, a 12.8 percent increase compared to the same period last year.

    Today, Smartphones have become a compulsory gadget for corporate users. They are not only revolutionizing the mobile handset market, but also changing the way we use PCs. The reason behind the success of the Smartphones is increased interest in social networking with Facebook and Twitter, which demand high speed internet and connectivity features.

    In 2009, all the major mobile vendors update its range to increase their revenue and market share. Here, the feature discusses the biggest stories in the Smartphone industry.

    1. Google Android platform and Google PhoneGoogle Android is an open source mobile operating system running on the Linux kernel launched back in 2007. The platform targets mobile devices in large, but now it seems that various PC vendors are working on Android based netbooks and tablets. Recently, it is reported that the Android OS claimed 27% share in the market, whereas iPhone OS reported 55% share in the Smartphone market in US for November month.

    Various Smartphones based on the platform is already available in the market like HTC G1, HTC Droid Eris, Motorola Droid, Samsung Galaxy, GW620 Eve, etc. Meanwhile, Google has been working on Android based Smartphone, called “Nexus One”, which will be available in January and will pose challenge Apple’s iPhone and RIM’s Blackberry.

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    Also the fact that RIM have sadly not seen the writing on the wall. As each day passes they are looking more and more like making the same mistake Palm did years ago with outdated OS.
    I started this year with a BB Storm and a hate for Apple. I end it with a iPhone and a respect for what Apple has done.
    On a side note also got an Xbox, tired of waiting for Sony to bring out GT5. All change in my house, out with Sony and RIM and in with Microsoft and Apple. What a year
    Join the Lounge and relax and have fun

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