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    Top 25 Useful Financial Apps for Your Blackberry


    The great thing about owning a fully-featured mobile device is the ability to stay on top of many aspects of your life anywhere, anytime. Perhaps one of the most useful ways to take advantage of this ability is with software that allows you to manage, track, and improve upon your finances.
    1. Mortgage Calculator: This lightweight mortgage calculator will present you with your monthly loan amount in a quick, simple format.
    2. TimeLog Magic: Log your time spent on client projects with TimeLogMagic so that you can provide accurate billing.
    3. CNBC: Download CNBC’s application to get financial news and market snapshots on your BlackBerry.
    4. CheckBook Pro: With CheckBook Pro, it’s easy to stay on top of your financial transactions.
    5. Market Filters: Using Market Filters, you can get up to date financial information and analysis wherever you are.
    6. GridMagic: Use GridMagic’s spreadsheets to create your own budgets and calculations on the BlackBerry.
    7. Necho Expense: Using Necho, you can easily save expense reports for travel reimbursement.
    8. e-Mobile Stocks: Use this app to get live stocks and other financial information anywhere you go.
    9. BlackBerry Wallet: Use this BlackBerry application to store financial information like credit card numbers, logins, and gift cards securely on your BlackBerry.
    10. Financial Times: Get the latest financial news right on your BlackBerry with Financial Times’ app.
    11. TipBuddy: With TipBuddy, you can calculate your tip and even split the bill.
    12. Mobile Checkbook: Keep track of your account balance using this mobile checkbook application.
    13. Bill Log: With this BlackBerry app, you can manage your monthly bills and due dates.
    14. Mileage Tracker Pro: Keep all of your mileage reimbursement data handy using this app.
    15. Pocket 12C SE Financial Calculator for BlackBerry: This calculator has a lot to offer, with calculations for cash flow analysis, depreciation, and a lot more.
    16. powerOne: Use powerOne to calculate real estate transactions, investments, and markups, and then email all of it to yourself or anyone else.
    17. JabpLite: Keep track of your finances on your BlackBerry with this app that allows you to track multiple accounts, investments, and regular transactions. The application also offers future balance and net worth calculations.
    18. Bantam Calc: This calculator does it all, computing tips and other financial items in its spreadsheets.
    19. Invoice Master: With this app, you can bill your customers quickly and easily right from your BlackBerry.
    20. OANDA FX Converter: Use this converter to get currency conversions for 164 countries on your BlackBerry.
    21. XPrice: Using XPrice, you can track a product’s price to get the best deal.
    22. ExpenseLog Pro: With this expense tracking software, you can enter expenses into categories and account types, and currencies are even automatically converted.
    23. CryptMagic: With CryptMagic, you can secure all of your financial information on your BlackBerry.
    24. ExQuote: Using EzQuote, you can monitor all of your investments right from your BlackBerry.
    25. Home Inventory: Track your valuables and calculate your assets for insurance, service, and maintenance using this BlackBerry app.

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    ~via BB ( been looking for an app to track expenses on my BB. Thanks for the info.

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    I cannot find a place to d/l TipBuddy? The linked site is inactive.

    Thanks for your great suggestions.

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    I have Mileage Tracker Pro and I'm extremely satisfied with it.

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    I just switched 2 BB os and love. It. Hard 2 believe there's no BB for Quicken ?? Plz explain !!~via BB (

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    I didn't know Quicken was still around... but I'm using JabpLite and it's amazing!
    Hi. :D

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    Thumbs up

    Very Usefull Thanks
    Don't Get Mad Get $Money$ Why They Call Me Mr.Pringlez You Ask ? Cuz I Stack My Chips... Ow !

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    ~via BB (

    Is there an ota link for jabplite ?

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