CTIA Wireless 2008 - Thumbplay, launches an innovative mobile search service to streamline the way consumers search for, browse and download mobile entertainment content from their mobile phones. GET allows cell phone users in the United States to instantly search for and purchase ringtones, games, videos and wallpapers from the company’s catalog of more than 80,000 pieces of licensed content – right from their mobile phone or handheld device.

To use Thumbplay’s GET, all a consumer needs to do is text message the word "Get" plus any artist name to 48000 to find and download music from their favorite artist. For example, to find all content associated with a band like U2, a user would simply send an SMS message to 48000 with the phrase “Get U2” and a link to relevant content (e.g., songs, videos, wallpapers and/or associated games) will be sent back from Thumbplay to their phone within seconds. A user would then follow this link to a large menu of licensed U2 content found in Thumbplay’s catalog, which they can browse without commitment and then purchase their favorite content.