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Brooke Crothers : "Though Apple has yet to offer built-in 3G on MacBooks, pairing them ... Smartphone News forum

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    The MacBook and Blackberry Storm are a pair


    Brooke Crothers: "Though Apple has yet to offer built-in 3G on MacBooks, pairing them up with phones like the Blackberry Storm provides a decent wireless workaround."

    "In December, I took the MacBook Air (i.e., the designers of the Air) to task for what I thought was a serious technological gaffe: not building 3G into the Air. At the very least, I thought 3G should have been included in the October refresh of the Air. But I'm not going to rehash those gripes here (or repeat Apple's likely reasons for not including 3G). This time I bring good tidings. After recently picking up a Blackberry Storm (Verizon), I quickly set it up as a Bluetooth "3G" modem by pairing it with my MacBook Air. The Blackberry uses an EV-DO 3G connection."

    The Storm was relatively easy to set up and "tether" to the Air. And the results were better than I expected. Using, I got download speeds of up to 1,088 Kbps (though it was typically closer to 500-600 Kbps) and uploads of up to 127 Kbps. Not torrential bandwidth but certainly good enough for the occasions when I don't have access to Wi-Fi (or when the Wi-Fi is iffy)."

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    I also do this quiet often with my MBP and it works great. Now if we could just talk someone into developing a DM that plays well with a Mac the wold would be almost perfect.

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    That looks like my desk lol. Except i have three BBs on it ... oh wait ... not anymore ... GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR ...
    But yeah 3G blackberry + Mac = my tethering heaven.

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    Do you have to pay Verizon monthly to tether like that? (On top of your BB data plan of course)
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    The Blackberry batteries last long than those on the "air." lol
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