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Originally Posted by hayden To enter this contest simply answer any three (3) or more ... Smartphone News forum

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    Re: The DOCKEY coming this month for BlackBerry!


    Quote Originally Posted by hayden

    To enter this contest simply answer any three (3) or more of following questions:
    1) How often do you charge your BlackBerry?
    2) PC/notebook or AC charging adapter, which do you charge your BlackBerry with most?
    3) How many USB cables do you currently own?
    4) Besides charging & syncing, what other uses have you found for your BlackBerry USB cable?
    5) Share an experience relating how the lack of charging and thus low battery impacted your day.

    1) Daily or Twice Daily If I am really on it
    2) PC/Notebook always never have an ac outlet availble
    3) currently have 6 usb cables
    4) use my usb cable for my t-mobile wing, my portable harddrives, my memory card reader
    5) Not having been able to charge my phone at work because i forgot to grab my usb cable has caused me to miss critical meetings because my blackberry would power off and thus when not in my office would not recieve notifications about changes to locations and times of meetings.

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    Re: The DOCKEY coming this month for BlackBerry!

    1) I charge my Blackberry almost every single night! I'm not supposed to forget.
    2) Every night I attach my phone directly to my PC via USB.
    5) One day I forgot to charge my phone because I took it to bed so I could check my email messages, go through my tasks and calendar to get organized for the next day. Well of course I fell asleep with my phone on my chest. The next morning I had to take my phone with me without charging it. I took the kids to school, got my Starbucks, ran some errands and then I got the bright idea to take the rest of the afternoon off and visit my mom. Since I work out of our home office, I figured if my husband needed me, he could just call, and if I needed access to the office computer, I could just go to the library and log on remotely. Not realizing my phone was , I took my time. You can't tell when it's "partly " because you can still see the screen, but the phone is and internet won't work. Well, of course my husband (and boss) had something urgent to get done and couldn't get a hold of me. No need to say, he found out I took off early from "work" and was screaming about how there' are four modes of communication to get a hold olf me, and he still couldn't reach me (cell, office, home and fax - the latter three being at home where I should have been). Of course I had to 'fess up and tell him that I took the day AND that I forgot to charge my phone the night before. That day did not end as I had hoped!

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    Re: The DOCKEY coming this month for BlackBerry!

    1) Every other day when the battery is almost dead or dead.
    2) Mostly A/C charger when at home - while traveling I use the USB (so about 60/40)
    3) Too many - every electronic component now comes with a USB charger than can fit the BB
    4) It works with other USB electornics (camera, other phones, usb hubs, etc. Use it to hit my brother once in a while... A well build USB cable actually does some good damage to a person v.s. Coat hanger!
    5) Happnes once every second or third week while traveling, when u think u have a usb cable in the traveling bag but dont realize u pulled it out last night to download something real quick off the computer and forgot to put it back in the bag!!!!! Now u gotta beg the hotel lobby for an extra usb cable - which they never have!

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    Re: The DOCKEY coming this month for BlackBerry!

    We've had an amazing 150+ responses to this thread. Due to this, together with DOCKEY we're offering and additional 25 for a total of 50 DOCKEYS! The first 25 winners are...
    1. gurlryder
    2. jonnyxedge
    3. lraed74
    4. jay2000
    5. Yclif
    6. DrMom
    7. tstrike
    8. BrianFeinzimer
    9. ajonz
    10. jrockett
    11. flash24
    12. synik103
    13. loc
    14. fletchdaddy
    15. kstrouse
    16. Akakios
    17. bruiser_04
    18. bophus
    19. thecarpentersx4
    20. penpower
    21. jloverg
    22. JRawlinson
    23. furtive
    24. mangosun
    25. aaronb
    Please PM your full mailing address (a contact number is optonal).

    Didn't win? Look out for a second contest to be posted shortly!

    NOTE: The 25 winners above are NOT eligable for the second contest.

    Lastly, if you can't wait to get your hands on the DOCKEY, pre-oder your DOCKEY via a PinStack exclusive 20% discount! Go to:

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