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Via ZDnet: When I first looked at the BlackBerry Storm a couple of weeks back, ... Smartphone News forum

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    The BlackBerry Storm, three weeks later


    Via ZDnet: When I first looked at the BlackBerry Storm a couple of weeks back, I promised to revisit the topic after I had some more time to use the device on a regular basis. After all, it only seemed fair to put in the extra time on a product that had been billed as the first serious competitor to the iPhone since word began to leak out about it months ago.

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    I agree with a lot of the comments made. It is a v.1 storm and I believe it will get much better as RIM continue to refine the storm. I am committed to RIM and thier devices as I feel they understand the business user best. Because of that belief, I would have expected RIM to hit the market with a better device and not the semmingly rushed Storm I ended up with.

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    Thanks for posting this Hayden. As an Alltel customer, I am waiting for the merger to complete before I could even consider getting this phone. There's a part of me that really wants it, and there's a part of me saying wait.

    Even if the merger finalized tomorrow, I would be waiting until the end of January anyway before I made a in the mean time I am happy to read every review and opinion I see here on PinStack and make an informed and wise decision.
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    In my opinion I am ready to go back to the curve as my primary BB. Because of my roll in the corporation I have to be versed in all devices. I am hoping that I will grow to like this device but for now I find it hard to adjust. Typing is definately slower and I am still learning all the ins and outs of the device. Thanks to the posts on Pinstack I am learning to atleast get by and use this device like the others I have had in the past. The lack of ability to change the existing profiles was a shocker. So I just created my own. The app store is ok but how do I know what these apps will cost me? I have a block on the account through VW so my users cannot download but I am expecting 2 new storms today and I know the users will want some of the apps. One of the new users is a Senior Exec and love the I-phone, However with the lack of AT&T service in my area VW is the only option. I am trying to convince him the BB is the right solution for the company and I hope the Storm will not let him down.

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