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Companies can now better control labor costs with the latest version of TeleNav Track, a ... Smartphone News forum

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    TeleNav Track Helps Companies Control Labor Costs


    Companies can now better control labor costs with the latest version of TeleNav Track, a GPS-enabled mobile resource management (MRM) service that provides real-time information for managing field operations and remote communications. New capabilities -- such as Team Timecard, overtime controls, signature and image capture, and Hot Key Alert -- help managers improve worker time and attendance compliance, limit unnecessary overtime costs, boost employee satisfaction, and increase overall efficiency.

    With Team Timecard, landscapers, roofers, movers and other crew-based contractors can electronically manage the work and break time of their teams, clocking individuals or entire teams in and out directly from a supervisor's BlackBerry smartphone or other mobile device. The service incorporates timecard controls that limit clocking in and out to time periods near assigned shift times in order to better manage time card data and use of overtime. This also helps to better control job costs associated with each project. Employees can also record timecard punches using voice commands with the Voice Timecards feature. In addition to accurately keeping time and attendance records, Team Timecard features a geofence functionality, automatically updating employees' timecards when they pass through preset boundaries.

    Additional enhancements to TeleNav Track include:
    - signature capture
    - image capture
    - subscription reports

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    We had a meeting with Telenav a couple of weeks ago and they are trying to pitch us on this with our field guys. It seems like an amazing system that covers a wide spectrum of features to do more than just play watchdog over your employees and associates.

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