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best feature is the directory lookup. Best nav out there is telenav!... Smartphone News forum

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    best feature is the directory lookup. Best nav out there is telenav!

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    1 - My favorite feature is the ability to search for desired stores near my current location and get directions to the chosen store by car, on foot, or by mass transit.

    2 - Perhaps web links to stores. Satellite views are available but what about Bird's Eye views?

    3 - From my own experience, Google Maps is hands-down the best app out there and it's free! But I have heard very good things about TeleNav and would love to try it.

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    1. What’s your favorite feature currently available on GPS phone navigation applications? (Ability to link Bluetooth headset to TeleNav and to hear the directions via Bluetooth. Makes it less invasive if you have guests in the vehicle with you)
    2. What feature you would most like to see available on GPS phone navigation applications? (Option for Walking or Public Transit directions, like Google Maps. We don't always drive from destination to destination. Also on a Microsoft Sync/Ford commercial that if the Sync navigation notices you're circling blocks near your destination it assumes you are looking for parking and instantly searches for parking for you. That would be a nice change from "Re-routing, Re-routing, re-routing")
    3. In your opinion, based on first-hand use or what you’ve read/heard, what company produces the best GPS phone navigation applications? (I've used both Garmin and TeleNav for BlackBerry and have parts that I like and dislike about both. What I preferred about Garmin was that it used native BlackBerry menus when you click the BlackBerry button, or at least menu options were far more expansive, AND Garmin always told you highway exit numbers, as opposed to TeleNav which only gives you the name of the exit and is rather confusing. It also seems that Garmin integrated better with addresses from the BlackBerry address book and native calendar. What I prefer about TeleNav is being able to listen to directions via Bluetooth headset. I also love the web interface of TeleNav, which is not available on Garmin. With the web interface you can preplan and push directions to your phone. Very handy, especially since the integration of TeleNav and native BlackBerry contacts/calendar isn't very reliable.)

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    1.turn bt turn direction
    2.i m using now telmap navigator i dont know other if i can compre i would like to answer
    thx you
    eli barash

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    1. Something that's not Garmin or Tom Tom would be nice.

    2. Voice controled directions for when I'm driving would be awesome.

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    Since I have the directinaly sense of a turtle, this would be awesome....and free is good. I like free.

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