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Citing “significant loss of business opportunity and recurring revenues” due to the government’s delay in ... Smartphone News forum

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    Tata Tele to launch Blackberry services without govt approval


    Citing “significant loss of business opportunity and recurring revenues” due to the government’s delay in approving its proposed tie-up with Research in Motion’s (RIM) Blackberry services, Tata Teleservices has now reportedly decided to go ahead with launching the services for its subscribers.

    The Blackberry issue had hit the limelight after Tata Teleservices application to the government a couple of months back seeking approval for launch of the services. It was incidentally the first operator who had sought permission to launch the services as other operators like Airtel, Vodafone and Reliance had launched the services without seeking government approval.

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    All the other service providers that offer BlackBerry services in India did the wrong thing and they're allowed to continue providing such services, yet Tata Teleservices, who did the "right" thing are being punished by being forbidden from selling BlackBerry services?

    Good on them I say!

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    I agree with you Cyba...
    it's always greener with the other carrier...

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    Well, trust the Indian (or any Socialist "We Know What's Best") Govt to hamper industry by inefficiencies, and nanny-state policies to impede the free flow of info and the hindering of progress.

    Kudos to TATA for trying to stay within the spirit of the law by making all (the Stasi-like) modifications, and yet moving ahead while the Govt's hippo-feet are too stuck in the river silt of bureaucracy to grant approval.

    More actions like this will continue to render bureaucracies more and more irrelevant. Good on ya, TATA!

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