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I just received an interesting email from AT&T and thought I would share it with ... Smartphone News forum

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    AT&T proposes $18 million settlement for New Jersey ETF lawsuit


    I just received an interesting email from AT&T and thought I would share it with all my PinStack friends who are concerned with ETF's. See the attached image to see and read more clearly.

    Should the court approve this settlement, any current or former US customer of AT&T Mobility who was charged a flat-rate ETF any time from January 1, 1998 through November 4, 2009, can submit a claim form to receive up to $140

    By settling the case now, AT&T avoids having to argue that users 23 months into their contracts should have to pay the same ETF as someone who just signed up.
    The court will decide whether or not it will approve the proposed settlement on April 14, 2010. Until then, visit the ETF Settlement Website to see if you’re eligible for the settlement.

    More on the topic can be read here and here
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    Starting out to be a bad year for AT&T. Anyone else notice more courtroom news from carriers and manufacturers so far then new devices? Wonder who'll pay all these legal fees.

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    We in Jersey don't play that isht. You don't mess with the family plan AT&T, capisce?
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    The Situation started this lawsuit.
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