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im excited for both. I want the BOLD BAD!... Smartphone News forum

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    im excited for both. I want the BOLD BAD!

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    i have the bold blues
    I need my bold

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfpackrune View Post
    so when are we "supposedly" get the new OS and bold??? or is att keep on f'in delaying the bs release dates???(sorry about that...i'm sick of BB messing up on me and i would love to get it updated soon as possible)
    Noone knows. And the thing is at&t hasn't announced a release date so technically they haven't delayed it. However, knowing its out everywhere else, WE know its been delayed but since at&t hasn't announced a date, we really can't fault them

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    ~via BB ( back to the first page I posted when the bold release party is the 28th in d.c

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    someone on pinstack said it would be release on the its been delayed..niiiiice =(

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    The delay kills me and now more than ever, rim needs to answer to this silly iphone craze and [potential] biz ipmact on market share in the near future!

    I had the pleasure to me the Bold up close at InterOP/NYC last week...sweeet!

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    Quote Originally Posted by OCjoe View Post
    Here's what I heard from an AT&T company store rep. The rep. boldly stated At&t is having "battery issues". I asked him to clarify what type of issue they were having. He then stated: "the batteries are overheating and blowing up."
    Again this reveals what I've always believed. In order to "act like an expert" some people will say anything. It's usually ego driven & totally meaningless.
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    while not driving...

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    ~via BB ( work att and we got or device update a few days ago showing november but no date

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    It better make my berry shoot lasers or something.

    ~via BB (

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    So the querstion is this. Is there a version of the all the 4.5 device software that works cleanly on an ATT curve 8310 that still allows synching with your pc via the desktop manager 4.3 (the only one ATT supports)? I've tried several of the other 4.5 OS versions. They give all the good eye candy but they also made my blackberry very slow and unresponsive. BBerry support told me that's because they were for another hw from another carrier (not sure what to believe on this stuff). Does anyone know the truth? Has anyone done a 8310 4.5 ATT device upgrade running BIS and had success with it?? If so, i would really appreciate the link to the right version. Thanks!


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