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Eh, not a big fan of flip phones, and I'm a full Qwerty guy. My ... Smartphone News forum

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    Eh, not a big fan of flip phones, and I'm a full Qwerty guy. My wife on the other hand is a Pearl owner, I showed her this and she's expressed no interest. She said "When they release a slider, let me know, I'll be all over that" Hmm.

    Me, I sit here paitently and wait for the Bold. I'm not due for my next upgrade until late March though, so I'm probably one of the few that Isn't minding these delays. Hey AT&T, work the bugs out, I've got 5 months to worry about it.

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    Im still getting it!

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    I really hope they don't change the usb - one of the things keeping me loyal to BB is the fact that I have about 4 places I can charge the phone in my home alone... This one change would likely keep me from this phone.

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    Yeah, WHY did they change the USB port??? I like having multiple cables scattered around home/work/car and also the ability to charge/power several devices (BB, headset, GPS receiver, external hard drive) with the same cable. Simplifies my life. This one matter may keep me from upgrading to any new BB with different USB...

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    Yeah me too about the USB, that stinks! Still this might be me next BB.

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    i dont see the diff usb being a factor for me i dont like the suretype but i wanna try the flip out so bad so i might use it a little then sell it and get the bold unlocked hmmmm but im def trying this phone out.

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    Motorola makes an adaptor from mini usb to micro usb. It sells at most tmobile stores for $5. I would imagine you could use that with your old bb chargers so you don't have to buy new ones. ~via BB (

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    To me I think that it takes away from what we all think of when people say blackberry, you know bar shaped!
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    Quote Originally Posted by moses2628 View Post
    I have convinced a few NON-BB users to take a look at this phone, and they love it!!! So for the most part, BB's idea of "stepping out of the box" by creating this phone to appeal to a much broader audience, seems to be working. What will really win people over, is if its priced right!

    I hope it will be priced right, since I just bought the 8120 in May. I have a few dollars left on the rebate card I got when I mailed in my form from the 8120 purchase (I bought a new BlueTooth headset with it), that I will have to combine money with, to purchase the 8220.

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    Would be nice if it had 3G like the bold!

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    Just an update on the launch of the 8220.we have started to get the accessories in our store for it.I can't believe that all my BB addiction stayed almost 3 years ago and its gas grown to the point that I can't be without my blackberry ever. ~via BB (

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    It is a nice looking flip phone. Its not for me, but I can see a lot of new converts from the average consumer side.
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    Patiently waiting for this.

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    I have to say.
    I've been looking at all of the BlackBerry technology that is coming out this year.
    And I like this phone.
    It can't, and it shouldn't be compared generally to all BB's prior to this model.
    It is obvious to see that RIM is heading into a new direction, stepping away from the older form factor they've previously used, and going into a more futuristic direction.
    This is a phone that was meant to be a competitor to the other clamshells on the market.
    I think the flip looks really solid, and the phone looks like it is built really well.
    The keyboard is very nice, spacious, and who cares about all that dead space.
    what does anyone expect!? some flashing lights reminiscent of
    "Close Encounters Of The Third Kind"! People have become increasingly insecure, and pessimistic. Mostly the younger crowd.
    The ones who never had a chance to see technology truly "Blossom"
    from the early incarnations of analog, to the birth of CDMA to what we have now.
    I love the new direction BlackBerry is taking in the Smartphone Market.
    For what the BlackBerry has to offer, combined with the new memory technology available today. I believe the Storm, this flip, and all the other models coming out in the near future, will dominate over the IPhone.
    You don't need a huge HD with the RIM OS. Case in Point...Linux on a lot of recent Cell phones.
    The IPhone is utilizing Mac OS X which is really a "DESKTOP" OS!
    that is REALLY why they utilize so much storage.
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    I don't know, I still think it's a bad idea to make a blackberry into a flip phone. It may appeal to some users, but I can't stand that sure type crap, gimme a full qwerty keyboard any day.

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