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I think at&t is not to good I think they suck n right now I ... Smartphone News forum

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    I think at&t is not to good I think they suck n right now I think verzion is in the zone they got all the good phones

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnnycwebb View Post
    I think that if you compare the 3G coverage AT&T might be smaller but it's better. I will explain! Voice over Data you can not do that with Verizon. I think Verizon is attacking AT&T because AT&T leads in data sales. Sometimes being the bad guy will back fire on you. I have to say that the way verizon is attacking AT&T they must be scared. AT&T is right the map Verizon is showing is wrong even if it was AT&T's 3G coverage it's still not the correct map. Verizon might have coverage at grandma's house but there not the better company. I love my world delivered better phone selection to.

    You go j webb! I think if a person is happy with there phone company its all good,who cares who wins as long as we the customer win...right !So f the both or all and hope there fighting bring down the prices
    " B safe "

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    Guess I'm not sure about the Voice over Data thing that Johnnycwebb is mentioning, but I do know that you are supposed to be able to tether your Droid phone (something that AT&T iPhone users have been screaming for almost since it came out). Seems like data-wise, Verizon will be catching up pretty quickly with this new slew of smartphones and technology. But, seriously, those maps are pretty accurate from a 3G signal standpoint (even though it's really Verizon/Alltel vs AT&T). I recently picked up some brochures on the AT&T coverage, and their own 3G maps looked just like the ones in Verizon's commercials, so really, how could they expect to win a lawsuit saying it was a lie? Cracked me up.

    From a user standpoint, I can attest to Verizon coverage being better overall. I travel all over the continent, and one of our other guys recently ran a big multipoint trip with me, which lasted 2 months. We did about 25,000 miles of travel all over the US, and I had zero issues with my Verizon Blackberry, while he had dropped calls and little or no signal often with his AT&T Blackberry. That in itself convinced me to not switch (as I had been considering at the time). When you travel to out of the way places, even just a little off the beaten path, the Verizon experience can't be beat.

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    VZ's newest commercial is hillarious. Check it out:
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