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    Synaptics' 3D Smartphone Can Be Squeezed, Tilted


    PCWORLD: Looking beyond touchscreens, an alliance of companies including Synaptics and Texas Instruments is trying to exploit unused surfaces to make smartphones interactive and easier to use.

    The companies on Monday announced a concept smartphone that users can interact with by squeezing and tilting it, the companies said. Interacting with the phone usually occupies both hands, but the Fuse concept phone makes it possible to select and load applications using just the one hand holding the smartphone, the companies jointly said in a press release.

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    Geez. They need to slow down with all these smartphones. People save up for months and sign new contracts to get the latest phones but companies keep releasing better ones too soon.

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    That's how they get you though. Very sad with RIM to do this more, leaving 1 feature out of one phone, but releasing a better version of said phone a few months later. Rogers is bad for that also, with the bold, 9700, and 8900. My choice would have been the 9700, but had to settle with 8900 because rogers doesn't support UMA on the 9700 or 9000 handset but has wifi.

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    Interesting concepts there, I would love to play with it. Articles like this get me dreaming about the features of my next phone, but my Moto Droid is still new enough to keep me content for at least a couple months
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