Sprint reportedly lost nearly 991k post-paid subscribers in it's last quarter. However, the company also reported that it gained 983k pre-paid iDEN subscribers, for a net loss of 257,000. In a company with 44.8 million paid subscribers, 257,000 isn't a huge number, but it does point to an interesting trend within the company. A large migration from post-paid to pre-paid. Are many of these customers simply switching the method in which they pay, or did Sprint really lose a large number of their customers, only to gain new ones? If it's the latter of the two, how does that reflect on CEO Dan Hesse's statements over the last few months of Sprint changing it's perception by customers? Dan said, "brand perception catching up to this new reality is crucial" to improving post-paid subscribers trend. How much of an overall impact has the Pre had on subscriptions and will the introduction of Android devices later this year help a company who for years has been branded as having the worst customer service in the business?

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