SplashData, announced the launch of SplashID 4.0 password manager for BlackBerry.

Key new features of SplashID 4's handheld software include:
  • Active URL links, giving them the ability to simply tap the URL field to launch the web browser and immediately access a website.
  • Four additional data fields for filling in information, bringing the total number of fields in each SplashID record to ten, plus a Notes field.
  • Enhanced Password Generator, automatically generating robust passwords that fit specific criteria and rating the strength and security of selected passwords.
  • The ability to email records, with SplashID automatically exporting a secure vID file and attaching it to an email message that can be sent to colleagues.SplashID 4's Windows desktop companion software has also been completely revamped with updates including:
  • Web Auto-Fill, simplifying data entry of user names and passwords in SplashID by using a web browser to go directly to a site and retrieving the username and password to auto-fill in the record.
  • Panel View and Tree View, two ways to view all records or categories or types of records
  • Database Sync, enabling advanced users to select multiple databases to synchronize with on the desktop and easily share data with other users, even across a network.
  • Auto Search, retrieving records simply by the user entering a few letters in the Find box to instantly display results in the results view.
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