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    SpinVox Gains Rapid Market Acceptance


    SpinVox is gaining rapid market acceptance. In the first half of 2008, record volumes have been achieved, with 6 million using SpinVox in their daily messaging and millions of messages processed every month and Carrier conversion revenues showing phenomenal growth. A brace of new Carriers in existing and new geographies are getting ready to announce their launches of SpinVox. Fastest growing service feature increases ARPU "With twelve Carrier deployments in the last year, we've proven that we have the Carrier-grade scalability to deliver the real-time, accurate voice to text conversion on any phone, anywhere and at anytime at a rate of thousands per minute," says SpinVox co-founder and CEO, Christina Domecq.

    "In fact, SpinVox is the fastest growing network service feature in years. Mass activation of the customer base is driving exponential growth in user numbers fuelled from it being a standard calling feature, an all-you-can-eat option through to bundling it with Blackberry data plans and messaging packs."
    SpinVox is delivering on the constant Carrier search for ARPU. Analysis from live deployments has shown SpinVox subscribers generate 33% more data overage than those who just use services such as SMS messaging and 11% more than BlackBerry customers each month - a real data accelerator.

    Call completion increasing
    Call completion in Carriers that have deployed SpinVox is improving radically because SpinVox has a step-up impact in simplifying the experience to real-time messaging for both the `A` and `B` party. `A` now knows that, through SpinVox, `B` instantly sees their message - as good as sending an SMS themselves. And now `B` only needs to glance at their phone to read all their messages with the power of just a single click to now choose to respond to calls by voice/text.

    Retention rates are proving the stickiness of SpinVox with consumers - subscriber lifetime value is extending past 11 months and in excess of 80% of subscribers remaining on the service after free trial.

    Carrier costs reducing
    SpinVox has established that US subscribers call their Customer Services an average of 6 times a year to enquire about their PIN for voice mail access, each one costing the carrier $11 to handle! Because SpinVox customers don't have to call in, Carriers now save $88 for each SpinVox user every year.

    More messages left
    Latest research from SpinVox also shows the `Calling Party Slamdown` trend is being reversed with 92% of callers now leaving a message because they know that when speaking through SpinVox, it will get through and be seen in minutes. Customers continue to rate SpinVox conversion accuracy at 97 per cent and further, 94 per cent confirm that voice-to-text conversion saves them time in their busy schedules.

    The facts are that SpinVox delivers more completed calls with a 20 to 30% reduction in hang-ups. In addition, because not all voicemail is generally picked up, the 20% of messages that are missed with voicemail now all get through with SpinVox and are presented with a simple single click to reply which is why the majority of SpinVox messages are returned, 87% in fact.

    Ideally placed for the next phase
    "We're now ideally placed for the next phase of delivery into our market - SpinVox services focused on delivering choice and value to the speaking `A` party," emphasises Domecq. "That's revolutionary as SpinVox now becomes a network feature we all can use regardless whom we are trying to contact or where we are calling from."

    "Voice to content will power the sort of messages that are present in people's daily lives: from `You were busy... so I spoke you a text instead' to `I'm busy, but there's always time to speak you a text message` and `I really want to share this moment with my social network.`"

    "SpinVox provides solutions to everyday communications needs we all experience and enables carriers to leverage existing technology, handsets and critically, tap into existing user behaviour to help communicate and interact better," she adds. "These can be delivered across the network with voice to text conversion as a mass-market service feature, free to receive and at no premium to the calling party."
    Increasing network value
    SpinVox believes this increases network value. Because the user experience is far simpler and natural with obvious choices to continue conversations in ways that suit them at that moment, messaging growth, additional revenues through call continuity, call completion and extending calling circles into social media spaces are now all delivered.

    It can also reduce costs and even offers the opportunity for further revenue gains through addressing the semantic web, or Web 3.0 as it is becoming known, though the value of voice as digital content that can be stored, edited, searched and linked intelligently.

    About SpinVox

    SpinVox(R) brought together the two most popular methods of communication - voice and text - and created a new category of messaging called Voice-to-Screen(TM). Its award-winning service is now making everyday communication simpler and more powerful, creating new recurring revenues for wireless, landline, cable and VOIP carriers as well as service providers and web partners. SpinVox has already launched its service with Alltel, Cincinnati Bell, Rogers Wireless, Sasktel, Telstra, Telus, Vodacom South Africa, Vodafone Spain and LiveJournal and announced a deal with Skype. As a managed service provider any network or service can rapidly and cost-effectively implement SpinVox.

    At the heart of SpinVox is its Voice Message Conversion System(TM) (VMCS), which works by combining state-of-the-art speech technologies with a live-learning language process. VMCS is being rolled-out across four continents in four languages - English, French, Spanish and German.

    For more information about SpinVox visit

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