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    SmrtGuard Service Giveaway - Reply to Enter


    Every once in a while, I come across an application for my BlackBerry that really fills a need or is just generally awesome. In this case, SmrtGuard fits in both of those categories. I was originally introduced to it over a year ago when it was in beta and they were looking for a few good testers. It's been out of beta for quite a while, offering both a free and paid subscription service.

    If you're not familiar with the service, it in essence assists you in locating and recovering your device if it's lost, along with protecting your personal information and providing online data backup. An application runs in the background on your device, currently BlackBerry or Android, that creates automatic backups of your contacts, memos, messages, and tasks that can be restored wirelessly if it's lost on your device, or to migrate from one device to another (even BlackBerry to Android and vice-versa). It also uses GPS to track your device in the even it's lost and to send a self-destruct command to wipe all personal information off of it. All of these functions are done through an easy-to-use web interface that provides a detailed map showing your device's current location and simple one-click commands.

    Also included in the service are (the data backup/migration and encryption are in the paid service only):

    • Tracking:
      Find my BlackBerry" location and tracking
      Remotely listen in on the smartphone surroundings.
      Audio Ping to locate your phone (in case you mute your phone)
    • Remote Wipe:
      Remotely wipe personal data from the smartphone
      Uninstall key apps: Phone App, Password Keeper, Facebook, Message (Email/SMS) App
    • Loved One Tracking:
      Ability to allow another user, aka “Loved One”, to track your smartphone
    • Personal Guardian:
      Once setup, turn your smartphone into a Panic Button.
      PG allows you to discretely trigger an emergency call, SMS, and/or email message, which will contain your approximate location.
    • SIM Guardian:
      When an unregistered SIMCard is used, your smartphone notify you via SMS and/or email message.
      Tracking will be automatically turned on (if unregistered SIMCard has data plan)
    • Data Backup:
      You can schedule daily, weekly, or even monthly backup
      Choose what to backup or backup everything
      Data can be accessed through the SmrtGuard Web Portal.
    • Migrate/Restore Data Wirelessly:
      Migrate data between platform (BlackBerry to Android smartphone or vice versa)
      From SmrtGuard Web Portal, you can now remote initiate backup even if the phone isn't with you.
    • Secured and Encrypted:
      Unique key generation upon activation
      All data transfer to and from the device are encrypted
      User activation process is simple and painless

    The new version now also includes:

    • Improved remote wipe so it dynamically deletes most if not all 3rd party applications (i.e. - Facebook, MySpace, Gmail, and many more) in addition to Password Keeper, native Message and Phone applications.
    • Added password protection to SmrtGuard application. Users now can set a password before accessing SmrtGuard application.

    Well, the folks over at SmrtGuard have decided to give away 50 subscriptions (10 annual, 10 semi-annual, and 30 monthly) to their awesome service for BlackBerry and Android to the PinStack community. The giveaway is open to new or current free SmrtGuard users and all you need to do to enter is post a reply to this article. If you're a current user, post why you like the service and if you aren't, check out the comments from users and you'll know why they love it. Make sure to post in your comment your devices' operating system (BlackBerry or Android). Winners will be chosen at random and the contest closes at 12:00am on March 22.

    The free version of their app can be downloaded from BlackBerry App World or the Android Market, or straight from their website at SmrtGuard.
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    BB 9550 (but may go to soon). Been a follower of SmrtGuard for a while, but I don't currently subscribe. LOVE the concept! Would LOVE to win.
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    Awesome app, hope I win!

    Carpe Diem!!


    Check this out!!! Mobiletropolis

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    I've had the free version on my BB9700 for over a month now. Integrates well... its a nice program to have, and hope you'd never need.
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    very cool!

    BB 9530 v5.0.0.328
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    Cool app, I'm in

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    I met the developer at BB Dev Con in 2008 when this was up for the BlackBerry Cool 15 (though there were only 13 entries). Great ideas from a great mind.

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    I would love to have this app. Thanks SmrtGuard and Pinstack!
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    Great app

    I would really like to win a copy of SmrtGuard and I haven't used it in the past but seems like an app that could really come in handy.

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    smrtguard Smrtguard SMrtguard SMRtguard SMRTguard SMRTGuard SMRTGUard SMRTGUArd SMRTGUARd SMRTGUARD!!!

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    BB9700 running .442, but soon will be on .545 hopefully this weekend when I have time. Need the peace of mind remote listen and wipe provides, even though unlikely to lose my BB. Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it!

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    Just Ask
    SmrtGuard is a great app. Would like to win.

    9700. OS

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    Already use the free version thats on Appworld...this program is great, would be nice to win this one!!!
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    Maybe I can win another giveaway?!

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    By reading the posts here, this sounds like yet another, fantastic application that I would love to have. I've been very lucky so far and haven't lost my BB, yet, I don't know how many times I have put it down, walked away and then remembered, I had left it. LIke I said, very lucky. This program sounds perfect for those like me. Peace of mind is what it's all about.

    BlackBerry 8900, v4.6.1250

    Again, good luck to each and every one of us!!

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