I came across this app nearly a year ago when they were asking for beta testers and I gotta say, I fell in love. It was exactly the kind of application I was looking for when it came to being able to find my BlackBerry if I had lost it and to keep a backup of all my contacts/messages online. Using a very simple interface, I was able to schedule automatic data backup and get SmrtGuard tracking my every movement. Normally I'd be put off by that, but it's one of the key elements to this application.

It's been out of beta for a while now, offering a paid subscription service and it's user base has continued to grow. However, they have announced that they are now offering a free version for BlackBerry and Android so that everyone can take advantage of this great application and it's service. Unlike many apps/services out there that offer free and paid versions, this one hasn't stripped all of the good stuff away. Here's a quick rundown of the features and a demo video:

  • Find my BlackBerry" location and tracking
  • Remotely listen in on the smartphone surroundings.
  • Audio Ping to locate your phone (in case you mute your phone)

Remote Wipe:
  • Remotely wipe personal data from the smartphone
  • Uninstall key apps: Phone App, Password Keeper, Facebook, Message (Email/SMS) App

Loved One Tracking:
  • Ability to allow another user, aka “Loved One”, to track your smartphone

Personal Guardian:
  • Once setup, turn your smartphone into a Panic Button.
  • PG allows you to discretely trigger an emergency call, SMS, and/or email message, which will contain your approximate location.

SIM Guardian:
  • When an unregistered SIMCard is used, your smartphone notify you via SMS and/or email message.
  • Tracking will be automatically turned on (if unregistered SIMCard has data plan)

Data Backup:
  • You can schedule daily, weekly, or even monthly backup
  • Choose what to backup or backup everything
  • Data can be accessed through the SmrtGuard Web Portal.

Migrate/Restore Data Wirelessly:
  • Migrate data between platform (BlackBerry to Android smartphone or vice versa)
  • From SmrtGuard Web Portal, you can now remote initiate backup even if the phone isn't with you.

Secured and Encrypted:
  • Unique key generation upon activation
  • All data transfer to and from the device are encrypted
  • User activation process is simple and painless

The data backup, restore/migration, and encryption are part of the premium or subscription service, but the backup feature is available for 30 days to try it out. All the other features that make up this great application are free, for life. It's available for both BlackBerry and Android platforms with an alpha test program for Nokia. More information and the download link are available here.