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Smartphones are a major trend in the mobile industry and will be a focus at ... Smartphone News forum

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    Smartphones and the OS race CTIA and beyond.


    Smartphones are a major trend in the mobile industry and will be a focus at CTIA 2010 in Las Vegas.

    • Informa forecasts smartphones will account for 55% of the value of the global handset market in 2010, and 64% of total mobile handsets profits, despite accounting for only 27% of handset sales
    • Smartphone operating systems, key to the success of new entrants in the space, will dominate the CTIA debate over data-centric devices, user interface and user experience
    • Questions surrounding open versus closed OS will be key to smartphone strategy: can a rigidly controlled OS like Apple’s be replicated? Are open source OSs such as the increasingly popular Android platform too complex for integration with device hardware? Is Android scalability feasible? Will Windows Mobile 7 deliver or disappoint?
    • The impact of intensifying competition on average selling prices will be a central issue: vendors will look to differentiate through innovative hardware, software and content as potential price erosion leads to a wider adoption of smartphones

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    In all honesty, there are fewer devices being manufactured that resemble "cell phones". Most mobile devices are smartphones in some form or fashion, featuring data/email services, music/video applications, and 100 other ways to keep us connected without having to actually hit the send key and call someone. People are just beginning to expect their devices to do more and more.

    I agree too that the OS is what is beginning to set the devices apart. Certain hardware features are becoming standard such as camera resolution, 3G, Wi-Fi, etc., and it's forcing people to look more at the software that runs the device. How easy is to interact with? Does it look good? Can I run my favorite applications from it? One of the biggest complaints coming from BlackBerry users is that while RIM is adding a few goodies to the OS with each major release, they haven't changed the overall UI of the OS in quite some time.

    The release of Android was a boon to the smartphone market I think. By making an open-source OS that anyone can improve on and not limiting it to a specific device manufacturer or carrier means fierce competition between manufacturers to distinguish why their hardware, running the same OS as their competitors, is the one I should buy. Finally some real competition between manufacturers for my business.
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    I agree and will add this thought. Think about how Android, Apple and the upcoming Windows Mobile 7 series phones OS works? Even Palm's WebOS for that matter.

    They are all very close in the sense of how they engauge to users. Touch screens with simple to use navigation.
    To be successful in the future companies need several things in place we can call it a complete eco system

    1. Easy to use U.I
    2. Apps with an easy delivery method
    3. Data Management (easy way to sync data either local or via cloud)

    Without these things in place the consumers who currently do not own a smart phone will not take the plunge.

    I refer back to the VCR with the time flashing 1200AM as an example. It was to difficult for the average person to understand how to program the VCR's time function so it was left blinking and never programed or they would not take the time to do it.
    It must be easy to use and enjoyable or people will just not buy it.

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