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The smartphone market is heating up, and this time its all about GPS navigation software. ... Smartphone News forum

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    Smartphone Market Heats Up with GPS Navigator Systems for Android & iPhone


    The smartphone market is heating up, and this time its all about GPS navigation software. There's CoPilot Live going to the Android Platform. It can be purchased for $34.99 in the Android Market and can run on phones based on Google’s Android OS, like the HTC Dream (T-Mobile G1), HTC Magic, and upcoming HTC Hero.

    On the other side, the iPhone is getting TomTom for iPhone. This was announced during June’s WWDC keynote and was one of the most anticipated third-party products demonstrated at the said event. This combination of an iPhone app providing turn-by-turn driving directions and a hardware accessory, the Car Kit for iPhone, that enhances the app will enable the iPhone to take the place of a standalone GPS unit for many users.

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    At this rate; in about 5 years hand held GPS devices will be obsolete because all cell phones will have them built in as a standard.

    OK sounds like a good deal for the cost; is there a monthly service cost for this?

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    I'm a TomTom user now and like it. I wonder how much they will charge...
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    I use Telenav for navigation on my Bold, but can see where people would love to have Tomtom on their phones. I don't think though that it would replace the handheld GPS systems for navigation when hiking as the radios are not powerful enough.

    When the phone improves so will the handheld. People will forever want that extra gadget in their car on their bike or in their hand
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