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Not sure about # or type of users polled, but According to the "Smartphone Usage ... Smartphone News forum

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    Simplicity of iPhone GUI allow users to make use of more features


    Not sure about # or type of users polled, but According to the "Smartphone Usage and Brand Study" from Crowd Science, iPhone owners use the most smartphone features. iPhone owners were more likely than users of BlackBerrys or other smartphones to use all of the most popular functions, including Wi-Fi and GPS.

    Other survey results include:

    • A large majority of smartphone owners (71%) use them for both business and personal usages, with only 3% using them for business alone.
    • Compared with Blackberry users, iPhone users report a significantly higher overall satisfaction level with their phone. In particular, iPhone users are more satisfied than other smartphone users with their phones' screen size, navigation, availability of add-ons, and video playback.

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    Well of course they use those features more. You will use a toy more to keep you entertain more than you use something you have too for work.
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    Not all BB have GPS the same with WIFI so those that don't won't use it I use an IPOD for music, have done long before Iphones came out. With 55000 apps and heavy advertising you are going to want an Iphone more and after paying for it you are sure going to use it.
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    But my question still remains the same, is there a free voice activated gps for the iphone? I use amaze gps on my 8900 and used to run it when i used to own my old 8310. Ive been asking the same question and that's the only thing that's actually keeping me next to my bb that and the fact that i get push email and also bb messenger oh and for the record i use my bb for my mp3 player about 87% so haha! in your face iphone.
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    Raton, I like your logic about this a lot! I like you!
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    The iphone is indeed a remarkable mobile device that offers great simplicity for an average mobile user. At the same time it is important to note that the majority of business phone users are not your typical "average" mobile phone user. The dimensions of the business fuctionality of a blackberry are indeed in a class of its own. BB has been around for a while; this has given RIM the platform to meet assess and meet the demands of a wide spectrum of technically competant business phone users. As an IT Auditor at PwC, I've observed that BB is by far the preferred device that offers the highest level of customization and data security to meet the requirements of business users. Simply stated: I will select powerful business functionality and security over a "pretty" GUI any day!!!!!
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    I hesitate to post b/c I'm not disagreeing w/most of that but......... Your leaving out a few things to consider. This "Business User" people so often speak about is a limited number in terms of growth for RIM. They can't hang their hat by any means on the Business user. So your left with having to market to everyone else. What used to be simply does not cut it today and millions of people want more. On a daily basis I interact with people who would love the BB and when we discuss different options their response is: That's a business phone and I don't need that. The word "Business" or the marketing of the BB as a "Business Phone" is hurting RIM. When I take the time to go into detail what a BB can do they had no idea and end up agreeing with me how the BB would be an awesome phone for them. They go out and purchase the BB (any model) and love it.

    Back on topic w/the OP. There is something to be said for a UI that can be used by a 10 year old and a senior citizen and bring both enjoyment in their own personal way. The UI is a very important part of any phone. RIM's future is in the Storm 2 not the traditional BB we have all grown to love.

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