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PinStack's wanting to join the ShoZu party can sign-up for an email alert as it ... Smartphone News forum

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    Shozu coming to the BlackBerry - signup now


    PinStack's wanting to join the ShoZu party can sign-up for an email alert as it becomes available; the sharing service is coming soon to the Pearl and Curve. If you're not familiar with ShoZu, it's a free service that lets you share photos, videos and more from your handset to over 30 websites including YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, Blogger and more. Plus you can keep tabs of what your friends are sharing thanks to their content feeds.

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    I sent an email. We will see when it comes.

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    I can't find out how to get a e-mail alert for my Pearl 8100. Do I have to use desktop internet to register for alert? Cause I went to the mobile site.

    ~via BB (

    ok NVM, you do indeed have to go to the main site (not the mibile one) and e-mail them at I e-mailed thru this and haven't heard from them yet.
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    Hey there gang,

    Thanks for all the emails you've been sending, keep 'em coming

    We're in the final phases of preparing a later greater version for release to save you having to upgrade a few weeks later, then we'll be giving it a thorough QA session.

    Thanks for your patience! All of your emails are being logged, we'll notify you when it's ready :-)


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