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January 28, 2008 - Rove Mobile Inc., the world's leading provider of enterprise software for ... Smartphone News forum

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    Rove Launches PCMobilizr at DEMO 08


    January 28, 2008 - Rove Mobile Inc., the world's leading provider of enterprise software for handhelds, today launched PCMobilizr, a new mobile technology that enables business professionals and consumers to have instant, complete access to every file and application on their home or office computer at all times. With PCMobilizr, users can remotely and securely access their PC desktop from their mobile device, display the computer's screen and control the keyboard and mouse -- as if they are right in front of their computer.

    Availability and Pricing
    PCMobilizr, which supports both BlackBerry smartphones, is available today through a monthly subscription rate of $9.50. For more information and to download a free 30 day trial, visit

    PCMobilizr is Rove's first consumer product, built using its deep experience and considerable success developing enterprise software for IT professionals. This new application, developed with the needs of today's "prosumers" in mind, is simple to use and requires no technical knowledge whatsoever. The software can be quickly and easily downloaded from either the computer or mobile device, and a username and password is all that is needed to grant the user remote access to their computer.

    According to IDC, 81 million converged mobile devices were shipped worldwide in 2006, and that number is expected to grow to more than 300 million by 2011. With PCMobilizr, Rove is supercharging these devices, transforming smartphones into the smallest, most portable computer on the planet, that enable consumers to do much more than just email, voice calling and text messaging.

    "Remotely connecting to desktops that are in the office or at home is a growing industry and we've seen a strong demand to extend this capability to mobile devices," said Rob Woodbridge, President and CEO, Rove. "PCMobilizr takes the idea of remote access from one computer to another one step further, empowering anyone to have every piece of information on their computers readily available on their hip."

    "PCMobilizr is impressive. This unique mobile tool will make life much easier for anyone who is constantly on the go, including frequent business travelers like me," said Chris Shipley, executive producer of the DEMO Conference. "Having complete control of the desktop while commuting or traveling provides a new sense of freedom. If I forget a document, or need a file, a spreadsheet - anything on my computer - I can now access, edit, and even print directly from my phone. All with super convenience."

    PCMobilizr's key benefits include:
    • Ease of use: Users enjoy full functionality and complete access to all files, applications, programs and network resources from the computer they are accessing. They can use their remote computer from anywhere using their Blackberry smartphones or Windows Mobile devices.
    • Secure connection: PCMobilizr is completely secure; all data is encrypted with 256 bit SSL encryption.
    • Fast and easy installation: PCMobilizr's three-step configuration gives users access to remote desktops and laptops in minutes without having to know the computer's IP address or reconfiguring any firewalls or routers.
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    Re: Rove Launches PCMobilizr at DEMO 08

    That is SWEET!!!!.....

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    Re: Rove Launches PCMobilizr at DEMO 08

    How is this different from the Mobile Desktop product?

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    Re: Rove Launches PCMobilizr at DEMO 08

    Somebody should try this and tell us how it works! I'm afraid to try unfamiliar software. di

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    Re: Rove Launches PCMobilizr at DEMO 08

    works great!!! best with wifi.

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