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Rove Mobile Inc. today announced the launch of Mobile Admin 4.0, the latest version of ... Smartphone News forum

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    Rove Launches Mobile Admin 4.0


    Rove Mobile Inc. today announced the launch of Mobile Admin 4.0, the latest version of its enterprise network administration platform that allows unified management of all IT systems from any computer or handheld device.

    The latest release of Mobile Admin offers many significant upgrades that provide IT administrators even greater freedom and flexibility in managing their systems remotely. The most notable additions include a 'per user' licensing system with support for an unlimited number of servers, improved scalability, a redesigned web interface, support for Microsoft Exchange 2007, Windows 2008 and Windows Vista.

    Mobile Admin, the most robust and comprehensive platform available for network management, now offers users the ability to quickly and securely respond to network issues within their entire IT infrastructure. The software enables users to fix server problems quickly and easily from anywhere, thereby delivering a powerful and quickly-realized ROI by increasing IT administrators' productivity, reducing downtime costs and improving service for users and customers.

    Mobile Admin 4.0 is now licensed 'per user' so that each user can access and manage any number of servers. This new licensing system helps increase an IT organization's efficiency and effectiveness while decreasing the cost of server ownership. It also takes into account growing needs, as companies that want to expand their networks don't have to purchase additional software licenses.
    The new Web Interface now gives users the option to easily access and manage their entire IT infrastructure from any remote desktop computer or laptop. With a friendly and easy to use GUI, Mobile Admin's new Web Interface competes with the most robust remote access tools on the market.

    "We have been using Mobile Admin for more than a year to manage 30 Windows servers with 12 IT administrators. Now with Mobile Admin 4.0, our administrators can manage our entire IT infrastructure which includes more than 1,000 servers," said Jason Clark, Messaging Support Analyst, Cengage Learning (formerly Thomson Learning). "The software has given us the flexibility to solve network problems from anywhere, without even having to carry around a laptop."

    "To our organization, Mobile Admin represents peace of mind. In the case of an emergency situation, the software will allow us to be up and running faster than ever before," said Rich Rentrop, Senior Network Engineer, Wonderware, the leading supplier of industrial automation and information software solutions. "Mobile Admin 4.0 has given us even greater flexibility. Our staff uses the web interface, as well as wireless devices, to manage more than 100 Windows servers."

    "Mobile Admin has enabled thousands of companies around the globe to manage their servers with greater ease and flexibility, and now with the release of 4.0, we are taking it a step further," said Rob Woodbridge, CEO and President, Rove Mobile. "With our new licensing system, we've made it easier than ever before for IT administrators to remotely manage their entire network, which could represent thousands of servers. Judging from the initial feedback from our customers and beta testers, this has been an extremely useful addition to Mobile Admin's capabilities.

    Mobile Admin allows IT administrators to access and manage a wide range of servers, including Windows, Active Directory, Exchange, Lotus Domino, BlackBerry Enterprise Server, Citrix, Oracle, BackupExec, VMWare and much more.

    [Rove Mobile]

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    Looks like they've changing their pricing, now it's per user and not per server, in our case we are looking into buying the product, we may choose 3.3 while we can still get it just on price.

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    I went out of town last week on business and this was released the day before I left. Since I already have 3.3 for a single server I upgraded to 4.0. I love the fact that they have changed it to one user and unlimited servers. The reason I rarely used my 3.3 version was due to the fact that I could only manage one server. It was fine for resetting passwords while you were out of the office but not much else. Now that I can manage services on multiple servers and services as well as check on my Veritas backups I will find a lot more use for this application.

    I also like that they have finally fixed the new version to allow you to scroll with the trackball and not be forced to scroll across to get from row to row.

    While I was out of town I used Mobile Admin a few times for various tasks. Overall it performed well on My Curve and I was able to perform the jobs I needed to. I had some issues with VMWare services saying it needed the VmPerl Scripting API to be able to run. I hope these issues are resolved soon. Otherwise it is a great tool.

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