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PinStacker javatyger posted here that Rogers has released a new My Account app for BlackBerry ... Smartphone News forum

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    Rogers My Account App Now Available for BlackBerry & Android


    PinStacker javatyger posted here that Rogers has released a new My Account app for BlackBerry users and in checking around I saw that they also recently released one for Android too. They had already released an iPhone version back in November and now more Rogers customers can easily track their usage and pay their bills via the My Account application.

    Though you can already access the info via their mobile site, the app make it just a bit more convenient and looks slicker too. Track your voice, data, and SMS text usage as well as account balance, bill cycle, and make payments. For BlackBerry it is available for the 8220, 8900, and 9000 and can be downloaded by going to the wap portal and search for My Account. Android users can find it in the Market.

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    These Apps are great, it's so easy now to keep track and stay current with the monthly bill.

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    Thanks AZ Definitely a more convienent way of checking your account information. The mobile site is ok, but this app just looks a lot better, and definitely more convienent then navigating the wap site.

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    Thanks Azstar...the most upsetting thing about this post, is that my provider didn't bother telling me. I had to come on here (thank you again), to find out about it. Not sure what I would do without you guys. The app is way better and way more convenient all around.

    A job well done...

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