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    RIM Lobbies on Patent Reform, Spends $890,000 in 2007


    NEW YORK - Research in Motion Ltd., the Canadian company that makes the BlackBerry smart phone, spent $890,000 in 2007 to lobby the federal government on patent reform.

    RIM spent $490,000 in the second half of 2007 to lobby on patent reform legislation and on regulatory rules to make more digital wireless handsets accessible to consumers with hearing disabilities, according to a disclosure form posted online Monday by the Senate's public records office.

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    On the surface the change in patent law may seem harmless but it could have a stifling affect on innovation and undermine the cornerstone of the US economies historical advantage by closing the door on the entrapunor and inventor. The fast track filing process for patent application costs tens of thousands of dollars and is available only to pockets deep enough to afford it. A shift away from the inventor toward the large corporation would result,as would, I believe, the loss of the historic advantage held in trust by US law protecting the inventor, the very concept of which has served to establish and preserve the US as an economic and intellectual leader. This advantage would be compromised as well as a fundamental and defining characteristic of our national identity by this shift. Was that just sold for a little under one million dollars to Canada?

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