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Qwest Communications International Inc. and Verizon Wireless announced today they have signed a 5-year agreement ... Smartphone News forum

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    Qwest to Deliver Verizon Wireless Products and Services to Its Customers


    Qwest Communications International Inc. and Verizon Wireless announced today they have signed a 5-year agreement for Qwest to market and sell Verizon Wireless service beginning this summer. Financial terms of the agreement are not being disclosed.

    Under the agreement, Qwest customers will have access to the full line of Verizon Wireless handsets, smartphones and BlackBerry devices, as well as high-speed broadband wireless services for e-mail, Internet access and multimedia services. Residential customers will be able to choose "wireless only" and be billed directly by Verizon Wireless, or include Verizon Wireless service as part of a Qwest bundle with their home phone, Internet and video services, and receive one bill from Qwest for all services.

    "We are excited to be partnering with Verizon Wireless and believe this opportunity will enhance the Qwest customer experience," said Ed Mueller, Qwest chairman and CEO. "Verizon Wireless' strong reputation in innovation, network quality and reliability, and superior products and services was very attractive in our decision to deliver state-of-the-art mobile solutions to consumer, business and government customers. Qwest's strategies for success certainly will benefit from this deal and we look forward to a solid relationship with Verizon Wireless."

    Qwest residential customers will be able to buy Verizon Wireless products and services via Qwest's call centers, Qwest's retail stores and kiosks, and online at Once billing systems are coordinated, residential customers will be able to elect to have their Verizon Wireless service charges included on their Qwest bill. Qwest customers will receive information in the near future about the Verizon Wireless products and services that will soon be available to them.
    In addition, the companies will work together on bidding for enterprise and government wireless contracts, and collaborate in the development of converged services, such as a unified voicemail box for mobile and landline as well as integration of Qwest's IP networking solutions with Verizon Wireless' mobile data network for business and government customers.

    "We welcome the opportunity to provide Qwest customers with the best wireless service available," said Lowell McAdam, president and CEO of Verizon Wireless. "The quality and reliability of our network, coupled with our broadband capabilities, leading line-up of advanced communications devices and reputation for customer satisfaction will make a huge difference in their wireless experience."

    For more information on Qwest, please visit For information about the products and services Qwest is offering in the Networx contract, visit

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    Wow... I am already a Qwest customer AND Verizon. I wonder if I will be able to bundle to save money or if current customers are SOL.

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    The Quest wireless services are really good. Customers are also very much interested with this type of wireless services. These wireless services also create multiple streams of income for everyone.

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    once again verizon is setting out to crash the competition, i love verizon and i heard a lil rumor that they may be buying sprint/nextel soon
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