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Will this fit a 8330? Do the 8330 have the same size screen as the ... Smartphone News forum

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    Will this fit a 8330? Do the 8330 have the same size screen as the 8320? Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jblackfish View Post

    The product is great from a privacy standpoint and I didn't mean to run it down. I was just disappointed. The reason the "clear" view is important to me is because one of my battery saving tactics is to run the background screen at about 60% instead of a brighter choice - 60% is plenty bright for night or day to me. I'm convinced it saves power but, with the privacy screen and my 60%, it's fairly dark.

    I may be being nit-picky - I had just expected a totally "clear" view. It uses some time of polarizing technique I guess and I know that your can get totally clear polarized eyeglasses. Enough from's a fine product and well worth the money for working around nosy crowds.

    Thanks for your quick review. I like to know downsides as well as positive reviews before purchasing a product.
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