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    Pointstreak Announces “Pointstreak Mobile” for BlackBerry

    Advertisement Inc., a privately-held company, announced today the launch of Pointstreak Mobile, a custom software application that enables Pointstreak users to record live game stats during sports events and immediately deliver game information to the Internet from their BlackBerry smartphones from Research In Motion.

    Pointstreak, known for its innovation in streamlining the collection and delivery of real-time sports data, has publicly released Pointstreak Mobile version 1.1.0 in order to take advantage of the growing popularity of the BlackBerry wireless platform. Pointstreak Mobile for BlackBerry will allow users, typically a league scorekeeper or a volunteer parent, to record game stats and deliver live game events to league/association websites from their BlackBerry smartphone. Game data is uploaded directly from the user’s BlackBerry smartphone at the arena or sports field and then fed through Pointstreak’s proprietary stats system, also known as the “Electronic Gamesheet System”.

    Prior to the development of Pointstreak Mobile, the only options for collecting data at the game were Pointstreak’s ruggedized touch-screen terminals or downloadable software on the user’s own laptop or PC; both of which have inherent limitations when it comes to mobility and connectivity. With Pointstreak Mobile, customers can use their existing BlackBerry smartphones to record and post games instead of investing in new or specialized hardware.

    Most significantly, the key advantage of Pointstreak Mobile is the intrinsic mobility of a BlackBerry smartphone in areas or situations where traditional Internet access is problematic or non-existent. The ubiquity of cellular Internet access means that Pointstreak Mobile will be able to operate in remote geographical areas or arenas that do not have traditional cable-based Internet. The connectivity advantage of the BlackBerry platform is central to Pointstreak’s strategy in pursing field sports such as lacrosse and soccer, in which the activity takes place outdoors on fields, typically away from power supplies, Ethernet taps or cable networks.

    "The launch of Pointstreak Mobile changes the game completely," said Scott Secord, Pointstreak’s President / CEO. “Before Pointstreak Mobile, you had to go through the process of ensuring the facility had appropriate Internet access as well as ensure the customer had the required computer hardware to operate Pointstreak. Now a scorekeeper can go anywhere with network coverage and use their BlackBerry smartphone to score and upload games to the web. We are excited to work with RIM to open new markets and eliminate many of the barriers our customers experience in adopting our industry leading sports software."

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    Wow that's really sweet. I iwsh they had this out when I played sports. ~via BB (

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    Looks like a pretty cool application. Would love to see if it can be modded to include other sports (e.g. tournament paintball). Dont laugh. Its a legit sport.

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