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A quick recap including our quick grades according to general buzz and initial first impressions ... Smartphone News forum

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    PinStack's CTIA WireLess 2008 highlights!


    A quick recap including our quick grades according to general buzz and initial first impressions of details provided. As always not very graphical but we geeks just want the hard facts yea. Before the list here's a quick word from Cherri Chiodo who covered everything BlackBerry at CTIA Wireless this year:

    First and foremost, I would like to thank Hayden for the opportunity to attend and represent the Pinstack community. I am humbled ...

    The turnout for this year's CTIA was *phenomenal* to say the least. I cannot even guess the number of blackberry users I saw, walking slowly, head down, texting away. The reception I received from the individuals that I met with was so surreal. They all loved Pinstack admitting they browsed frequently.

    I look forward to doing reviews of the products below in addition to a few others. Be sure to check out the video messages from some of the creators of the apps including demos. On to our highlights!

    New BlackBerry Launches

    -- Sprint Announces BlackBerry Curve 8330 - available this month! (Spec-sheet & photos) (A+)

    -- T-Mobile and RIM: BlackBerry Pearl 8120, April 14! (A)

    Voice/VOIP services:

    -- Dial2Do Hands-Free Email, Text Messaging and Personal Productivity (B)

    -- Mobivox - free dial-by-voice calls around the world (A)

    -- Nuance Mobile Launches Voicemail to Text (B)

    -- VoiceCloud Launches Real-Time Voice-To-Text Transcription Service (B+)

    -- YouMail Adds Speech-to-Text Voicemail Transcription Service (A)

    Internet services:

    -- EarthCam Mobile Delivers New Live Webcam Content at CTIA Wireless 2008 (C)

    -- Fox Launches Entertainment Mobile Network (B+)

    -- Thumbplay’s GET Puts Ringtones, Games and Videos on your BlackBerry (C+)

    -- Bluepulse Unveils their New Social Messaging Features & Functionality (A)

    Software downloads:

    -- EA Adds more Games to BlackBerry Line-up (B)

    -- Guitar Hero III Mobile Will Rock Your BlackBerry (A)

    -- XM Radio Mobile launched on BlackBerry! - download now (B+)

    -- ShoZu Brings Social Media Services to BlackBerry - (B)

    -- Jott message to PinStackers... (A)

    -- AOL Launches MyMobile All-In-One (coming soon to BlackBerry) (C)

    -- WeatherEye FREE download from The Weather Network for BlackBerry (A)


    -- Plantronics Unveils New Discovery 925 Bluetooth Earpiece Collection (A)

    -- Jabra's New BT4010 Bluetooth Headset With Intuitive 'Smart Display' (A+)

    -- Sound ID fans rejoice - Latest Bluetooth Headset Innovation -- HD300 (A)

    -- ProClip USA: New In-Vehicle Device Holders for BlackBerry (B)


    -- Verizon Converges BlackBerry and Desk Phones (A)
    -- Zimbra Expands Mobile E-mail Availability to BlackBerry (A)

    Also See:
    -- CTIA Wireless 2008 - Winners of E-Tech Awards announced
    -- Videos: CTIA Wireless 2008 - Coverage
    -- CTIA Wireless 2008 (Fashion in Motion) - Blackberry Pearl w/ armband

    Special thanks to Cherri Chiodo on the ground, for her photos and videos:
    -- I'm LIVE at CTIA Wireless 2008

    Did you miss anything? Tell us what stood out most for you? Tried any of the new apps today?

    More video Coverage on PinStack index.
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    Feels like Christmas.

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    I just wish I could unwrap something!

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    i don't know which present to open first
    The BlackBerry Guru

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    Great work guys keep it up!
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    ~via BB ( post and insight. Particularly gives me a feel to what could be hitting us in the UK - many apps are US/Canada only so it'll be good to see what gets a European release

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