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Originally Posted by murayama alright.. is there anyway to connect my bb to my computer ... Smartphone News forum

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    ask me


    Quote Originally Posted by murayama View Post
    alright.. is there anyway to connect my bb to my computer to let my bb use internet?
    i think we need internet to make step4 work... well at least thats for me..
    is there???

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    Quote Originally Posted by amischke View Post
    Hi, folks,

    Request Timed Out (on 8320 BlackBerrys, mostly T-Mobile): Some users with BlackBerry 8320s are seeing a “Request Timed Out” error on Step 4 of the Setup Wizard. We are still looking into this issue. However, some users have fixed this problem in one of two ways:
    • Verify that your APN (Access Point Name) is set. To set your APN, go to BlackBerry Options > Advanced Options > TCP. Enter the APN for your carrier in the APN field. To determine the APN for your carrier, try a web search. For example, if your carrier is T-Mobile, do a web search for “apn t-mobile.”
    • Turn on WiFi, setting your network to “WiFi Preferred.”<o></o>
    It's all well and good to turn on the WiFi, and to set it to WiFi preferred. However in every day use I'd wager most of are only on WiFi at home or work, and when we'd find this app most useful is when we're on the move and don't have WiFi access. So while we can get it working on WiFi (most of us at least), it does us little good to have it only working over WiFi. I'll be glad to help trouble shoot if you want to PM me. I'll probably try to submit a ticket tomorrow if it's not fixed by then, but I imagine you guys are swamped with tickets about now.

    Again, thanks for the great app; I can't wait to have full functionality.

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    I have TMO 8100 and it doesn't work. Network timeout problem. Tried installing through DM, still no go.
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    First post, first BB….I feel like a virgin here but I’ve been a voyeur for sometime.

    I’m shocked that after just a few tweaks I was able to download. I too have been driving everyone in my address book crazy. I did get the error on step 4 but just kept on trying…and what worked was I deleted the first OTA dl and started fresh and it worked.

    It is slow @ first but just in the 45 minutes I’ve been using it, it seems to be ‘learning’ my voice, which has made it faster too. Good luck!

    Carrier: ATT
    Pearl 8100
    OS 4.2
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    i have a headache from reading through 200+ messages. anyways, im still having problems with the permissions, it says my wifi access needs to be allowed, just one thing, I dont have wifi. could just be a 4.5 issue, but oh well. m on tmo, running 4.5, 8100.
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    got it working completely but just as others I feel its a bit slow and it keeps going into search instead of opening a application....pretty good for a free app but if I would have paid for it, I would have been pretty disappointed.

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    It's funny, I was a beta tester of this product and it worked pretty well up until the release candidate version (what became the released version). Then I started having this network timeout error and nothing I've tried (including running diagnostics etc) can get the program up and running again. I've deleted the app. It's pretty slow and frustrating when it works anyway, because it connects to their servers to translate to text. Oh well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian80 View Post
    is anybody else having a problem with this I keep getting request timeout on step 4
    I am experiencing the same thing. Please help, I'm using BB 8830 with GSM Network.

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    Got it working finally but..

    Ok i finally got it working..kinda...8320 tmo unlocked using in jamaica on digicel network.os 4.5.Tried all day with the ota with no luck .Finally got to a pc witha wireless thenn reinstalled via dm and installed with wireless preferred.and it worked like a charm.problem is doesnt work without wifi.hmmm.doesnt make sense as i'm hardly in wifi area.None the less great app thanks Cherri and everyone else who is trying to help.hope it gets sorted out soon.
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    This vlingo is great. NO problems with the install. I'm using OS 4.5

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    ~via BB (
    Carrier: T Mobile
    BlackBerry Model: 8100 OS:
    It says that it can't connect to the network when I try to talk to it for the first time. I tried changing the firewall settings to allow. I tried turning off the firewall, I tried changing the application permissions to allow, is there something else I can do? It suggested something about an APN but I don't know what that is. Can anyone help?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blukrystlz View Post
    I see more people complaining about this application then thanking the people who put their time into making it for us, and giving it to us FREE.

    There are many people who are experiencing the same Network Timed Out error.
    They are aware of this and are working on trying to resolve the issue.
    Instead of bad mouthing the app, why not give thanks for their hard work?
    They are doing their best to make everyone happy.

    Many people have tried to help with suggestions, if it doesnt work for you, leave it alone and try it later. Instead of complaing how it doesnt work.

    I for one enjoyed the app while i was beta testing it, until i downgraded my OS and lost it. I as well as many are having the same issues with the error message.

    But im sure if you give them time it will be working in no time.

    Just my two cents...

    and again, Thank you Vlingo for this app!

    If I walked up to you and here is a free Blu ray player and you take it home and it does not work, would would you think?

    Nice try though. I'll be uninstalling this crapware. Clearly this wan't for "all " BB users. I guess I'm disappointed with all the hype for stuff that don't work or we'll never see ( like a verizon Bold!)

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    nice post for your first one

    i guess if it didn't work for me i'd be frustrated too, but i wouldn't call it crapware and i wouldn't patronize anyone for just trying to help...

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    Just ask
    ~via BB (


    I can't get past step 4. It asks me to say web search concert tickets, but after a short while I get a network type error.

    I've checked the firewall & reset it, selected each connection setting too, but I get that same error.

    I'm UK based (I'm thinking this will be the reason?).

    Using 8310 BB OS:
    Carrier Vodafone UK.

    Any ideas?


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    Had initial error on step 4 but it's working now

    This may not be very helpful but mine initially didn't work, getting stuck on step 4 as for so many others.
    I exited the program once or twice going out to do other things on my BB. When I went back in it threw me an error and asked about resetting and I let it. I wish I had noted the error exactly, but alas, I didn't, but I do know it wanted to reset and I chose to let it. It rebooted my BB and voila! Vlingo now works.

    Curve 8300
    O.S. 4.5

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