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Twitter users on Thursday will, for the first time, be able to make voice calls ... Smartphone News forum

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    Phone Calling Coming to Twitter


    Twitter users on Thursday will, for the first time, be able to make voice calls directly to each other through the microblogging service.
    A new third-party offering from Jajah known as Jajah@call is expected to go into beta Thursday morning that will allow Twitter users to initiate a voice chat with other users by typing "@call @username"--where "username" is someone's Twitter ID--into any Twitter client. During the beta period, the company said, the calls will be limited to two minutes, but the company will evaluate that length during beta. However, it sees the two minute period--after which the call will end--as "the verbal equivalent of a tweet."

    According to Jajah, an Internet communications provider with tens of millions of users, the service will allow a user to place a call to any other user, so long as the second person follows the first on Twitter and both have Jajah accounts. The service is free to use and is expected to work on any Twitter-enabled device, from PCs to smart phones.
    One important element of the service is that users can keep their phone numbers private, yet be able to have voice chats with just about anyone on Twitter. To be sure, since the calls are initiated by one person, the recipient may well not be online, or may choose to ignore the call if they don't want to talk.
    There are currently several applications that allow users to create voice-to-text Twitter posts--known as tweets--but it does not appear that anyone has yet made it possible to initiate voice communications directly between Twitter users.

    Full Article via CNet News

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    The idea that I can keep my number private is nice, but not sure I want just anyone who happens to follow me being able to call me. It's a part of the growing move towards VOIP as a standard feature on our devices.
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    Interesting...I will definitley look at it more closely in the morning
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    Hmmm this sounds very interesting. The short phone calls and keeping your number private could come in useful. For example I think this might be a solution to the call-ins for the PSCast. Free, short, and private. I don't know how recording would work though.

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    I don't think I want most of the people following me being able to call me at will. I've been very selective in who I follow on Twitter and fairly selective in allowing followers but still.... If I want someone to be able to call me I give 'em my number.
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    Hmmm, not too sure about this. I like anonymity and this seems too personal.

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