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    OrganIP Launches First VoiceWeb Application


    Digitrad, the leading provider of VoiceWeb platforms for personal and business use, today launched its new consumer voice service, OrganIP, at DEMOfall 09 in San Diego. OrganIP makes phone calling easy by eliminating phone numbers. Simply type a person's name in any web browser and OrganIP can search, locate them and connect a call whether the callers are on the phone, in a social network or online community. With 3.3 billion mobile phone users and over 700 million people in social networks, OrganIP is the first platform to make voice calling possible between social networks and the mobile phones. Demonstrations of OrganIP can be seen at booth # 7 during the show or a live demo of OrganIP at DEMOfall 09 will be shown today at 12:30 PST. Click here to watch.

    "OrganIP solves two problems I have. I can't remember anyone's phone number and there are too many ways people can connect with me," said Chris Shipley, Executive Producer of the DEMO Conferences. "With OrganIP I have a single, easy to remember way for people to connect with me. What makes this great is that OrganIP finds me - whether I am in a social network, surfing the net or on my mobile phone, and connects with me in the way that makes the most sense for me. Simply type my name and OrganIP will find me."

    No More Phone Numbers
    OrganIP leverages the new capabilities of the first domain name dedicated to communications, .tel, and combines it with the rich information available in social networks, online communities, directories and address books. The consolidated communications environment behind OrganIP greatly improves user experience while contacting someone from a desktop PC or a mobile phone. The user doesn't need to remember phone numbers, usernames, manage contacts or synchronize devices. Call recipients are alerted there is a call waiting and can choose to connect, send to voicemail and even have the voicemail transcribed into text and sent to them. OrganIP works with Android, windows, linux, Mac OSX and on any web browser. Versions for iPhone, PalmPre, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows mobile will be available in the coming months. Now, friends, business colleagues, and family can go to any web browser, type in a name and OrganIP will find them. Just one name, one click and one call.

    "With Digitrad we are taking voice calls to the next level by eliminating the need for phone numbers, leveraging the power of personal brands, and enabling easy connection no matter where you are on the web," said Micha Benoliel, CEO and Founder of Digitrad Communications Inc. "We are dedicated to simplify the way people communicate and couldn't be happier to unveil our new service to the crowd at DEMO."

    Pricing and Availability
    OrganIP will be available in an open beta on October 19, 2009. OrganIP will first be free in US and then based on a monthly subscription fee. Users can signup today at to be part of the open beta.
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