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nuTsie parent company Melodeo Inc., a leader in synchronized web/mobile music and entertainment services, today ... Smartphone News forum

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    nuTsie hits more than 1,000,000 Music Fans


    nuTsie parent company Melodeo Inc., a leader in synchronized web/mobile music and entertainment services, today announced that more than one million music fans used their music services in February 2008. offers music fans free online and mobile access to their entire iTunes music library; is a companion site where fans collectively rate the greatest music of all time. "The million visits mark is huge. It proves consumers have embraced nuTsie as a way to listen to their iTunes collections anywhere and to discover new music," said Dave Dederer, Vice President of Business Development at Melodeo and founding member of the GRAMMY-nominated, multi-platinum rock band The Presidents of the United States of America.

    "We've also surpassed a million posts on our forums, which may be an even stronger indicator of our increasing momentum," added Dederer.

    nuTsie is a free online and mobile music service that allows anyone to upload and listen to their iTunes music in hi-fi quality on their PC, mobile phone or Blackberry device, as well as explore other users' playlists and share music with friends. nuTsie's proprietary Serendipity Slider recommendation engine adds new music based on the user's existing library in any percentage requested by the user. nuTsie users can easily find and listen to new music anywhere, anytime, by searching and browsing by artist, member, genre and song title. is a music social network where people gather to discuss and share opinions on the greatest music of all time. is the Web's definitive source for lists from hundreds of music categories including the greatest artists, albums, songs and lyrics of all time, organized by genre, year, decade and status in the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame. Users can also browse or search an extensive music education library including artist biographies, genre histories and historical timelines.

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    I've loaded Nutsie 3 different times, at approximate one month intervals and have never been able to get the application to work. My playlast has been uploaded for months and yet there seems to be no way to login to the system to access my account nor does it identify my mobile and associate it with my account.

    Has anyone on here ever actually got anything more than the generic playlists on their Blackberry?

    Happy Berrying!

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    ~via BB ( I don't use itunes so I haven't tried. It would be nice if this worked with other services.

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    Sorry to hear you are having trouble getting nuTsie working...

    I recommend contacting

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    I don't use itunes typically but I downloaded it to create a playlist for nutsie and it works great. It took me a while to figure out what I did wrong and it worked great on my curve.

    Good job for nutsie. ~via BB (

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    tried to do the mobile thing, but nuTsie is undergoing maintenance so i guess ill try again tomorrow. sounds like a cool app tho! hopefully doesn't kill my battery.

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    I'm on a BES with AT&T, and seldom have problems with apps connecting. Recently I needed to add AT&T's APN (proxy) to my TCP settings to get an app to work (wish I could remember which!), but everything else works fine.

    I grabbed the nuTsie app, but it can't connect. Any thoughts?

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