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Multiplied Media Corporation is pleased to announce the release of a special version of Poynt ... Smartphone News forum

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    New Poynt Beta for BlackBerry, With Video Streaming Support on the BOLD


    Multiplied Media Corporation is pleased to announce the release of a special version of Poynt designed specifically for the BlackBerry Bold to take full advantage of the video streaming capabilities native to the recently released smartphone.

    To download the beta version of Poynt, visit from your BlackBerry browser. (Problems? Set your browser to "BlackBerry" emulation mode)

    Poynt is a convenient and time saving service that connects consumers to businesses and theaters at the moment they want to buy or acquire products or services. By entering search terms, the consumer is able to find businesses and movies near their location, get phone and address information as well as enhanced data such as interactive maps, movie reviews and the ability to purchase movie tickets.

    Poynt's application for the BlackBerry takes advantage of the smartphone's robust capabilities including locates by GPS and IP detection, click-to-call, click-to-map and click-to-view-website functionality. The always on, always connected nature of the BlackBerry allows users of the Poynt local search service to get local business and movie information whenever and wherever they need it.

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    thanks hayden something to keep in mind when i get my Bold.

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    Thx Hayden... gonna give it a look, see now... Wonder if it's any better than Live Search...

    ~ jscott
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    Thumbs up better version!

    this is a good improvement over the last get more infos, better search results and to make it easier for you, they are classified by specific categories. I like it a lot better now. hopefully it can do voice too like TellMe.... and i can just use mypoynt all the time. :-)

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    Wow just got this and it looks really sharp. I dig it so far and just used it to find out when Choke is playing in my area.

    I especially liked the OTA link text.

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