I realized one morning when I was searching for a certain piece of blackberry software that blackberry users do not have a forum to voice their reviews and search a database of blackberry software. Stores such as handago.com give users the ability to review software and purchase it. Forums and Weblogs offer similar functionality but reviews are hidden by the fact that they are sorted by date and get lost after their first appearance.

This is the reason I have created a new website at www.berryreview.com that will provide users (such as me) with this missing link. I think this website give users the opportunity to review anything from blackberry accessories to software.

I hope you will put your backing behind a website that could do so much good for the blackberry community. I would love to work or partner with you guys if you have any suggestions. I would be glad to incorporate them. I do not plan on there being a profit aspect in the near future of the website since I administrate multiple dedicated servers so bandwidth and hosting are not an issue. If you want to host any ringtones or software on the site I would love to help out the effort and will create an area just for that.