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MyCaption , a leading provider of voice-to-data services, today announced it has released a version ... Smartphone News forum

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    MyCaption Voice-to-Data Application Available to BlackBerry Storm Users


    MyCaption, a leading provider of voice-to-data services, today announced it has released a version of its voice recognition software for the new BlackBerry Storm from Research In Motion. MyCaption allows business users the ability to "write-by-voice" their email, memos, tasks, contact notes and calendar entries and synchronize them with any Enterprise applications such as Outlook, Microsoft Exchange and even Google applications.

    "The BlackBerry Storm really helps bring an application like MyCaption to the forefront of a user's mind," said Vipul Bhatt, CEO and founder. "While the Storm is a breakthrough for RIM, when you combine its touch-screen with the facility to simply speak your email, memos, notes and appointments, you get the best of both worlds. This is the perfect example of voice becoming the new keyboard."

    Once the small plug-in is installed, business users can begin to compose and reply to emails or sync with their enterprise networks contact management systems. Simply click on "Compose (MyCaption)" or "Reply (MyCaption)" and start speaking the email. When finished click "done" and an email is sent to anyone in the user's network. MyCaption gives all business users the ability to review and edit their email before sending.

    In addition to the new BlackBerry Storm MyCaption is currently supported on the BlackBerry Bold, BlackBerry Pearl, BlackBerry Curve and BlackBerry 8800 series smartphones.

    Some key features of MyCaption include:
    • Three Minutes of Talk Time: MyCaption enables the business user, for the first time, to speak business-length emails comfortably, for up to three minutes. Users can include natural instructions such as 'Quote, Unquote' or 'new paragraph'.
    • Text Review: The voice-to-data service allows users to review your spoken email before sending via BlackBerry, with an easy-to-use text-review capability. Users can edit their text, add after-thoughts and additional insights, make corrections or change plans on the fly.
    • Customizable Dictionary: MyCaption for BlackBerry also offers a customizable dictionary, to fit the user's style and tone. The voice-to-data service grows with its user, offering additional conveniences such as the ability to 'learn' your industry-specific phrases and acronyms.
    MyCaption has currently implemented a free, time-specific trial period where users can take MyCaption for BlackBerry for a test drive. The free trial will also enable users to get a sense of how much they use the service. MyCaption offers multiple pricing plans, which can be found here. The user is under no obligation to give their credit card upon sign-up.

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    Sounds good but I'd rather wait for vlingo to release a storm version.
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    Its a great application! It caught every word that I said even with a noisy background. Would recommend it to any Professional that is traveling all the time and/ is doing allot of communication while on the go...
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    Quote Originally Posted by thymaster View Post
    Sounds good but I'd rather wait for vlingo to release a storm version.
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    I've heard the latest vlingo does work for the storm..... not sure because I don't have one but I did read somewhere where someone got a version working.

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    Does it work with bluetooth headsets. Ive found that being able to dictate notes amd emails while driving is great. Usefull for those times you have a brilliant idea you want to save!

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    Don't you Think this a knock off version of Vlingo Thanks but no Thanks I will keep my Vlingo!

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