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that's pretty funny...every one sues every one these days... Smartphone News forum

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    that's pretty funny...every one sues every one these days
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    I think its rather obvious, they want to hire them, so they can learn what not to do :P
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    Can't say as I blame the employees for leaving if they were getting better offers. The way I read it, the emails stated that the names were found on a website. Doesn't specify which site, but could have been something like If that's the case, I'd say the employees were fair game, unless they had signed a "no compete" agreement.
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    Oh my.. Looking to collect 50gs...they're begging for attention making big deals out of if those employees snitching out any moto secrets actually improved anything in the blackberry...if anything they won't stop with their sequals and trilogies of their notorious Q or BlackJack which are the biggest embarassment and failure ever brought to the smartphone family. Ill keep my mouth shut about Nokia as I respect them for the quality phones they make, simplistic Symbian OS, and ofcourse the implemented Blackberry Connect featured in various phone models of theirs... Go home Motorola!
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    What is hello moto going to do with fifty g's?!

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    Whether you like Motorola's products or not, enough people *do* like them to make them a major player in the market. They spent a lot of money to develop the intellectual property to get where they are, and they deserve the exclusive rights to it, especially now that they are struggling.

    I'm sure Moto's fear is that RIM is targeting employees in posession of key technologies, and that will lead to features beginning to appear in RIM's products that are eerily familiar to features in Moto's products.

    Ethics is not just about what you can prove in court, but how things appear. Moto has the damning e-mails, so I hope RIM has some documented evidence of their intent. If not, regardless of the legal outcome, the appearances could harm RIM's reputation with the buying public and with investors.

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    I remember when the first version of the RAZR came out exclusive to Cingular and it was all the rage, now you can get it as a prepaid pack at your nearest WalMart...

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