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    More users offload laptop work to smart phones


    via Six months ago, Deborah Han's laptop died. Instead of replacing the old machine, the Walnut Creek city planner decided to buy an iPhone 3GS and see how long it would take before she was forced to get a laptop. Six months later, she still hasn't made the purchase.

    "I realized that a lot of things that my laptop does, my iPhone could also do," said Han, 29. "It's not as good as my laptop but my work and lifestyle don't require me to look at my laptop that much."

    Han is part of a growing group of smart phone users who have shifted more of their computing workload to their mobile device. In most cases, smart phone users can't completely ditch their computers, which are better for bigger tasks like creating documents, editing files and viewing media.

    But the rise of the smart phone is reordering the way people compute, allowing people to tackle tasks like e-mailing, document viewing, social networking and light browsing from their handheld. In the process, it's lessening some of the need for a laptop or desktop, both in the workplace and at home.

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    This seems like a logical progression to me. Even laptops (netbooks) are down-sizing. IMO it's just a matter of time until all our "business and entertainment" will be able fit in pocket or purse.
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    The thought of replacing my laptop with an iPhone makes me want to cry.........I'd like to have the kind of job that this was possible. The only question this raises is....what does a S.F. City Planner do?

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    the city planner probably just makes notes on a notepad all day, a real job that you would require a laptop for use is NO WAY simplified by using an iphone. They probably didn't need a laptop in the first place, and just needed a good ol fasioned pen and paper.

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    Ouch! Is that a burn?

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    For a long time, I had to use my BlackBerry exclusively as my only connection when my laptop died. For the most part, it did replace a lot of things I do on my laptop, with the exception of gaming and a few sites that require flash or something that the BlackBerry device, or other devices for that matter, still don't support. Having a smartphone is an excellent temporary solution, but still can't fully replace the need for an actual computer for certain things. Thanks for sharing Cherri.

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    I don't think of ever ditch my laptop and just keep my BB and Iphone, but rather get a netbook for easier travel. Yes smartbphones can surf the web well sometimes I think a computer is faster especially when you have to edit a file and resend it quickly. Mobile powerpoint doesn't work that well.

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    I'm shopping around for a netbook for that exact reason. I still haven't gotten comfortable lugging a 15" notebook around anywhere but I could toss a netbook in my backpack and go where I want to.

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    I've been carrying a laptop for years. Currently I'm using a 13.1" Sony VAIO Z890 notebook with a small 8"x12" footprint at only 3.3lbs. I used to sync my Curve to it, but got tired of the BB's small display. While keeping the 8900, I've switched to an iPhone 3Gs for it's larger display and superior browser.

    Due to so much of my work being web centric, as well as traveling from coast to coast, the laptop now stays in my bag, and my iPhone gets used on the plane. Also it's used in Starbucks and most everywhere I go except for client presentations and the office. With a bit of time to acclimate to the touch screen, the new landscape layout of the 3Gs, keyboard works just fine for me. Finally, needless to say it's wonderful to have all my music and videos from the old iPod on my iPhone. With everything in one place it's the smartphone for me.

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