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    Mobile platform wars: Symbian top mobile OS globally; Mac OS X surges

    Advertisement Gartner has tallied the global smartphone sales by operating system and the results put Symbian as the top dog with market share of 47.1 percent with RIM’s BlackBerry OS a distant second at 19.5 percent.

    The statistics are a very relevant followup to my post on Wednesday trying to sort out what platforms developers will ultimately pick. After all, each of these platforms will have marketplaces and there are only so many developers. And all of these platforms will be vying for share in what is expected to be a down market. IDC said Thursday that it expects global mobile phone shipments to fall 8.3 percent in 2009. So called converged device shipments are expected to increase 3.4 percent globally.

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    Wow! very interesting Cherri.

    I am happy to hear that RIM is not out of the picture.
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    I wonder if it'll end up being of little consequence. Even @ 19% there's a lot of money to be made. I'm willing to bet you'll see apps "ported" over from one to another, market turning down or not. I may be comparing apples to oranges here, but I'm thinking of the video game model/market. In most cases on has to wait a bit longer for a game, but the money out there usually means it eventually comes out.

    Granted there's a huge diff in both retail costs and development costs (the deciding factor in most ports) but if demand (and like I said, 19% is still a LOT of blackberrys) programs will come.
    Just a thought.
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    thats good that it looks like rim doubled it figures
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    When your surrounded by the Palm Pre, Iphone 3gs and T-mobile mytouch (G2) makes me wonder about blackberry.

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