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    Mapquest - Evolutionary Mobile Maps & Directions, Free!


    New MapQuest 4 Mobile Now Available on the Apple App Store and BB

    MapQuest ( today announced the availability of MapQuest 4 Mobile for iPhone and iPod touch on the App Store. This free application represents a leap forward in how people interact with maps, directions and local search on their iPhone or iPod touch. “We believe that iPhone and iPod touch users want the freedom to choose a robust mapping and routing application, particularly one from a brand they know and trust,” said Christian Dwyer, senior vice president and general manager of MapQuest. “The unique features of MapQuest 4 Mobile provide an integrated, easy-to-use, and customizable experience that best utilizes the revolutionary capabilities of the iPhone and iPod touch.”
    MapQuest 4 Mobile is the next evolution of maps and directions on the iPhone and iPod touch, offering a set of features that simplify the mobile mapping and directions experience. The app enables direct connection with web-based mapping so users who have saved maps and directions to their My Places account on the site can access them directly via the app. This unique feature allows users to plan their trips on their computer and easily access their maps and directions from their iPhone or iPod touch while on the go.
    MapQuest has also created a place carousel for the app, an easy option for people to conduct one-click local category searches and for businesses to promote their brands. The place carousel features icons, called ‘place widgets,’ that allow easy, one-tap searching for hotels, movie theaters, gas stations and more, making it easy for users to find leading brands, such as, Walmart, Autozone and Best Western, along their route or near their destination. iPhone and iPod touch users can customize their place carousel with any of the 20+ place widgets available, with more to come in future releases.
    “We continually look for ways to make it easier for our guests to find us and are excited to be featured on MapQuest’s new application for iPhone and iPod touch,” said Dorothy Dowling, senior vice president, marketing and sales at Best Western. "MapQuest has already delivered fantastic returns for our Member hotels, and now that people will also be able to locate Best Westerns on MapQuest 4 Mobile, we expect those results to be even stronger. Best Western's integration into the MapQuest app is an important element of our plan to enable guests to book our hotels when, where and how they want to.”
    MapQuest 4 Mobile provides several other innovative features such as an easy and intuitive interface that makes the best use of the large display and innovative Multi-Touch technology. Driving directions can be read in landscape or “Max Maneuver” mode in which each maneuver fills the entire screen. Simply “swiping” the screen to the right or left progresses to the next or previous maneuver. For trips that include more than one stop, MapQuest 4 Mobile on iPhone offers multi-point routing and draggable re-ordering capabilities. Users can also customize the icon that represents their location on the map, either with a stock “My Position” icon that is chosen from a list of options or by using their own photos.
    The MapQuest 4 Mobile app is available free from Apple’s App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at
    For more information regarding MapQuest 4 Mobile visit

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    Free utilities like this are great.

    iTunes Link


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    ask me
    very nice application, so far so good...
    When i say i have Bold family phones, I meant it, from the older to the younger, even the unborn ;)

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    Sorry folks, but I trust my time on Google Maps. Gmaps have never stare me wrong and always put me wright in front of the door steps.
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    Have any of you guys tried the blackberry version? I know that the both of you have iphones.
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    Thumbs down

    No thanks like my google maps and blackberry one too.
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    They only support 6 carriers and here they are....AT&T Sprint T-Moblie Rogers SunCom Centennial.
    Check it out you dont get to much for free......
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    i wonder if it will have voice intergration like google maps is going to launch with the G1
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    That sux!!! no Storm? What gives? Why would they leave out the Storm?

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    I followed the links for the Tmo 8900 Curve and no version as of yet. What gives? C'mon Tmo before I drop you like a hot potato, or as Dan Quayle would say a hot potatoe!

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    Says not ready for my 8900 on T Mobile...

    even though their webpage says it is, when I go to the site on my BB browser, it gives my an "I'm sorry..." message.

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    Great app but does not support VZW and my Storm. This bites!

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    Doesn't support my 8900.

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