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This thing is not ready for prime time...time to remove it from my bold.... Smartphone News forum

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    ask ;-)


    This thing is not ready for prime time...time to remove it from my bold.
    "May fortune favor the foolish" ...... Captain James T. Kirk

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    Thumbs up LifeInPocket Works on My Bold

    Quote Originally Posted by Kyo0tdemon View Post
    I'm trying it from my Bold and it's taking forever to load. Blaaaah. I'll try to get it to run in a little bit. Thanks Cherri.
    I received their link, click on it and it takes seconds to load and work immediately. I was able to import my Yahoo address book, plan route and sync to mobile easily.

    The navigation works great, even comes with Power Saving Mode which is not even offered by paid apps.

    I use it to exchange location messaging with others with BB, Nokia, Moto etc. and they can click on my location msg then navigate to meet me via voice instructions.

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    Thumbs up It's great

    Quote Originally Posted by wahtx View Post
    Worked perfectly on my 8310!

    Another great find!!! Thnx Cherri!
    It takes seconds to download and install on my Bold. It's a very high quality app, beautiful iPhone like icon, nice UI, great power saving mode feature, precise turn instruction, charm voice etc.

    The navigation is much better than those $10/month services the business search comes with user rating and review which is very useful.

    The Location Message is "actionable" that means clcik on the location in msg, then it will guide you there by voice prompts.

    I love it and it surely save me a lot of money.

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    I have a BB 8330. The app is working with the exception of everything that uses the GPS. I get a searching message and then get a gps error message. Can anyone help. I LOVE this app I just want to get it working

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    Ask Me!
    Your lucky you can have the app just on your phone lol, I have a BB 8900 on the Rogers network and it won't even let me download the app. Says the app is not available for my phone(highly unlikely) or is uncompatible with my carrier(highly likely) ... although I am running a hybrid OS. If anyone can confirm this app does infact run on the rogers network then I will roll back to my previous OS because I have been having issues with app world and a few apps on this hybrid OS.

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