Putting the Power of GIS and Databases On BlackBerry Handsets
Dayton, Ohio. January 22, 2007 -- TDC Group, Inc. announced today that Freeanceä, its industry-leading Web mapping application, has been extended to create geographic information system (GIS) and database applications for BlackBerry® handsets from Research In Motion (RIM) (Nasdaq: RIMM). This new functionality brings the popular no-programming, plug-and-play Freeance software application to a new group of mobile users with unique capabilities that leverage the BlackBerry platform.

GIS and IT groups can now quickly and easily publish their GIS and enterprise databases to BlackBerry handsets. Field workers using BlackBerry handsets can browse their local GIS data stored on ESRI server platforms and also read/write to their enterprise databases using custom forms. The new product, Freeance Mobileä, also taps into the power of GPS location using GPS receivers built into BlackBerry handsets or Bluetooth® enabled GPS receivers paired with a BlackBerry handset.

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