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Go to via PC or BlackBerry Wec Oct 10, 2007.... Date/Time Web October 10th ... Smartphone News forum

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    Join our live chat with Viigo Wed, 10th 2007


    Go to via PC or BlackBerry Wec Oct 10, 2007....

    Web October 10th 200 2pm - 4pm EST

    Special Guests

    Jay Steele, CTO and Founder
    Niranjan Mayya, VP, Product Engineering
    Peter Hantzakos, Product Manager

    PinStack Moderation Team:
    Luc Boulanger, Support Pro
    Cherri, Global Moderator

    If you have questions or suggestions relating to Viigo's PinStack On The Go, please email them to or and they will be sure to address as time permits.

    Note: The live chat will be limited to a maximum of 40 persons. Please confirm your attendance by sending a private message here.

    Remember you can also login to our live chat via BB. Simply point your BlackBerry browser to

    Message from Viigo:

    "We're really excited to partner with, as well as having this opportunity to chat with people about Viigo this week. As you know, we are working feverishly to improve the product, and having the opportunity to release special edition Beta preview versions of the product into the PinStack community is proving to be extremely valuable for us.

    During our conversation with PinStack users we want to accomplish three major objectives:
    • Respond to feedback that has been generated to-date in the PinStack forums;
    • Respond directly to any feedback or questions people have about Viigo or Virtual Reach;
    • Provide a few “PinStack -exclusive” hints about our exciting and ambitious Viigo roadmap

    Again, we’re really pleased to be part of the PinStack community. Hope to see you at the chat!

    Please let me know if you have any questions.


    Peter Hantzakos, Product Manager
    Read the Viigo - PinStack edition press release

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    Lightbulb vig


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    Re: Join our live chat with Viigo Wed, 10th 2007

    This chat is now in progress. come join us via PC or via BB.

    Room: Viigo Chat

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    Re: Join our live chat with Viigo Wed, 10th 2007

    ~via BB ( yah auto- refresh works flawlessly on my 8700g, thanks guys!

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    Re: Join our live chat with Viigo Wed, 10th 2007

    Quote Originally Posted by r1ch007
    ~via BB ( yah auto- refresh works flawlessly on my 8700g, thanks guys!
    thanks for the feedback. We know the majority of BB users are professionals on the go and at work. So this new version makes it a lot easier to take the chat on the road and stay logged in even with the BB in it's holster or on the desk.

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    Re: Join our live chat with Viigo Wed, 10th 2007

    Chat started at 2:00pm EST

    2:18PM EST

    Hello all we are about to start
    Gina: hello everyone
    LaTuFu: it was rough using it on BB sometimes
    hayden: I'd like to thank you all for taking time out of your day to join
    mpenny: How's everyone..
    alin: Hey
    ncc1701p: Super!
    Gina: Great thanks for asking
    jay_steele: Hello everybody
    sn1p3r: Doing good thx
    hayden: and also a special thanks to the Viigo team for accepting this invitation
    sn1p3r: Hi Jay
    hayden: I'm going to turn things over to Jay Steele who will link you to their opening statement
    jay_steele: Thanks Hayden, and thanks everybody for joining the chat
    > TheJuice enters the room
    jay_steele: Here's a link to our opening statement:
    TheJuice: Whoa
    TheJuice: I just installed vIIGO TODAY
    jay_steele: As people are looking that over, I'll just run through who we have on our end
    >Natasha enters the room
    hayden: Press f11 on your PC for better view
    hayden: of the link
    jay_steele: Jay Steele, Chief Technology Officer (that's me)
    jay_steele: Niranjan Mayya, VP Product Engineering
    jay_steele: Peter Hantzakos, Product Manager (petey)
    jay_steele: We have a bit of an informal agenda that we'd like to follow, but we certainly don't mind straying from this or taking questions at any time
    niranjan: Hello everyone.
    petey: hi everyone
    Gina: hello
    > firedogkp enters the room
    firedogkp: ok help!!!!
    jay_steele: We'd like to open up for 25 minutes to discuss several issues we've been following from PinStack users on the forums
    jay_steele: Then 30 minutes of Q&A where people can poke and prod us with support questions, general questions, company questions, etc. - anything you want
    jay_steele: Then we'll take 15 minutes to give a cool heads up on where we're taking Viigo in upcoming releases
    > firedogkp leaves the room
    jay_steele: And then end the session with a final Q&A
    jay_steele: Does this sound reasonable?
    hayden: yes
    Eloquence: Hi Everyone
    jay_steele: Ok, then I'm going to hand it over to Peter Hantzakos to talk about the forum questions - over to you Peter
    hayden: hi welcome to the chat meeting
    petey: so... number 1 issue: frequency of feed updates.
    petey: we've heard Pinstackers mention this one quite often
    > hayden leaves the room
    > alin enters the room
    petey: so we're tackling this on two fronts:
    > hayden enters the room
    petey: 1) we've made changes to the way feeds are collected
    petey: to ensure they're collected much more frequently
    petey: 2) we;re working with
    petey: to ensure that we can collect the feeds more frequently going forwards
    petey: questions?
    petey: ok.. issue number 2)
    petey: "open in browser"
    TheJuice: I just installed viigo today, I want to ask are the feeds updated automatically?
    r1ch007: do I install viigo that has pinstack posts intergrated? Thanks
    superglue: How frequent will feeds be collected?
    > delacruzin05 enters the room
    delacruzin05: um new room
    niranjan: Feeds are collected on a regular basis on our server. Updates to clients are controlled by a setting on your client in Options/Articles/Update Interval
    petey: r1choo7: there's a button on the Pinstack home page that you can click, that will take you to the Pinstack Viigo download page
    delacruzin05: hey
    TheJuice: thank you
    petey: r1ch007: pinstack feeds will be collected every 15 mins.
    superglue: That great! Thanks
    r1ch007: Thanks petey, is there any need for me to uninstall the viigo I have now?
    niranjan: Issue #2: Open In Browser. Many of you reported that Viigo exited when you invoked Open in Browser. We've located the problem, and the fix is under test. We will shortly release a version with this fi
    petey: r1ch007: on your BB: go to Options > Advanced >Applications.
    alin: oh thats great!
    petey: Find Viigo. Menu > Delete
    petey: questions on the Open in Browser issue?
    > cherrichiodo enters the room
    petey: issue 3: "registration wizard"
    petey: some users were running into issues with the reg wizard. also., some users were concerned about the challenge question.
    petey: so we're going to remove the challenge question.
    petey: we've also fixed the reg wizard issues as well which should be in the next release
    petey: questions regarding the registration wizard?
    niranjan: Issue #4: Full article returning a blank screen.
    niranjan: The way this feature works is that the server strips away all the html tags and returns a text only version of the article.
    niranjan: In some cases, when we do this, there is no more content left -
    niranjan: a good example of this is the WeatherBug feed.
    > r1ch007 Signed Off 2:35:22 PM

    niranjan: In future versions, we plan to improve this feature to give better rendered content for the Full Article.
    petey: questions re: Full Article?
    nmadd: I have a question.
    petey: cool!
    nmadd: Will the future improvements include anything for multiple page articles in Full Article?
    petey: ?
    jay_steele: go ahead nmadd
    nmadd: Ex. The mobile USA Today feed has multiple pages. You are required to click on "next" at the bottom to view the next page.
    nmadd: With the text only Full Article this isn't possible.
    niranjan: This is a great question.
    niranjan: One of the features we want to support is the preserving of links.
    niranjan: This will address the issue of multi-page articles.
    > SuzzyP enters the room
    nmadd: That's great!
    jay_steele: this is a great point to transition to the next part of the agenda, which was the Q&A
    jay_steele: so we'll give a minute or so for people to ask questions, and if nobody has anything specific, we'll throw some questions at the group to get some feedback and responses
    petey: so, if you had one way to improve Viigo, what would it be?
    nmadd: I have another: on some feeds (ex. ESPN feeds) there are many links at the top of the page.
    nmadd: Scrolling down to the actual article in Full Article is sometimes a little annoying because there are so many.
    nmadd: Would it be possible to strip out this unneccessary text in Full Article?
    niranjan: nmadd: Good Point. I find this annoying as well! We do have plans to tackle this in our Full Article rehab.
    PacketRat: Is Viigo Wifi aware? or will it only stay on GPRS/EDGE
    nmadd: Great again!
    alin: thats Great!!
    ncc1701p: would you impose a user selectable memory usage vs a RSS limit? i.e. 2MB max ?
    petey: good question.
    petey: ncc1701p: good question...
    petey: we have plans for a more intelligent memory management scheme.
    ncc1701p: super. thank you
    petey: but the details aren't quite worked out just yet.
    jay_steele: re: Wifi - currently Viigo will automatically use Wifi if it is available as a network connection on the device.
    jay_steele: still Wifi: we're also going to be doing some cool things with Wifi with respect to some features I'm going to mention in our roadmap a bit later in the chat
    PacketRat: great thanks
    jay_steele: also re: memory management...
    jay_steele: currently heavy users of viigo (meaning lots of channels) may be using a lot of memory
    jay_steele: but a new scheme that we are implementing is going to completely overhaul how we handle, store and cache content in Viigo
    jay_steele: It will be be much more intelligent than it is now, and allow you to subscribe to much more
    jay_steele: without fear of using all your memory
    jay_steele: this is a feature we're pretty excited about, but as you can imagine it means quite a bit of changes
    alin: that sounds exciting
    jay_steele: so bear with us as we finish it and test it all
    jay_steele: and we'll probably reach out to pinstack to help us test it when it is ready ;-)
    nmadd: Very cool.
    petey: does anybody have any specific feature requests?
    petey: you mean you love Viigo just the way it is?
    PacketRat: podcast type feeds.. sound..
    ncc1701p: not a feature request: but are you going to change the registration system?
    alin: is there a way items will auto delete, lets say after a few days old
    jay_steele: (packetrat - wait for the roadmap discussion in a couple of min ;-)
    SuzzyP: I just installed the pgm this morning. I am really enjoying it
    niranjan: Alin: There is an article management algorithm that runs on Viigo that deletes articles to make room for new ones.
    jay_steele: cool suzzyp - glad to hear
    petey: ncc1701p: what would you like to see in the registration system? what is bad? what is good?
    niranjan: Currently this uses the max article limit that you can set in Options.
    alin: thanks
    niranjan: Articles that are older are more likely to be deleted as are articles that have already been read.
    PacketRat: I would also like to see the ability to store the Viigo cache onto the microSD card.
    ncc1701p: petey: to reg your own account was kinda tricky. i figured a log into the website.. create your account. but i guess it also works on doing it from the BB
    niranjan: If you don't want to lose an article you can "Save" is, in which case it will never be deleted.
    jay_steele: Darnit packetrat, you're stealing all my roadmap items
    jay_steele: :-)
    ncc1701p: lol .. nice. yeah i had a Sd question but ill wait
    SuzzyP: lol
    > TheJuice Signed Off 2:53:26 PM
    nmadd: lol.
    alin: lol
    hayden: PacketRat = one of our BB guru so no surprise lol
    jay_steele: ha
    petey: ncc1701p: i too have wanted to register on my PC... however, the current way to do it is within Viigo. on your BB.
    PacketRat: lol sorry.. I personally love the Viigo software.
    alin: me too
    > deepdish leaves the room
    petey: for sure... we'd love to add web registration over the long term.
    SuzzyP: i can't wait to see all the upgrades you all are working hard on
    petey: registration is a constantly evolving project. hearing this sort of feedback pushes us to do it sooner rather than later
    jay_steele: so if nobody objects, I'm going to kick it into the roadmap discussion
    > alin leaves the room
    hayden: It would also be nice on the download page to have the download links per each version of BB.
    nmadd: Will Viigo personal continue to remain a free product for the foreseeable future?
    > alin enters the room
    jay_steele: again, feel free to ask questions while I'm blabbing, and Niranjan and Pete can answer questions as they come up
    hayden: that way when a user downloads on the 8300 it pre subscribs them to 8300 forums and 8300 themes forum
    ncc1701p: will viigo be free? (Sorry if this was asked before)
    jay_steele: So before I start talking roadmap, who here works for the competition? :-)
    hayden: lol
    jay_steele: I had to ask
    petey: nmadd: yes, Viigo will be free for the foreseeable future
    PacketRat: There's a competitor? bah.. press on..
    jay_steele: Ok, here we go
    >GaBulldog enters the room
    alin: lol
    > ffmike enters the room
    jay_steele: So first up are PacketRat's items: coming soon we are adding audio podcasting to Viigo
    nmadd: Great! And I agree...what competitor?
    petey: nc1701p: yes. Viigo is free and will be free for the foreseeable future.
    jay_steele: And (as a direct consequence of audio) we are also adding external media card support
    PacketRat: very nice.
    > ffmike Signed Off 3:00:09 PM
    nmadd: That is awesome.
    jay_steele: We'll be phasing and evolving the support over time
    ncc1701p: fantastico!
    jay_steele: That way we can start releasing it quickly and get feedback
    jay_steele: And build on the feedback from release to release
    jay_steele: And of course, we'll want to use Pinstack as a testbed for these features
    jay_steele: Because you guys rock for getting quality feedback
    ncc1701p: u rock for making a killer piece of software
    jay_steele: In the beginning there may be some limitations on audio formats, and it will evolve over time
    GaBulldog: Amen!
    jay_steele: And also partly as a consequence of the audio support (and richer media support in general)...
    jay_steele: We will be evolving/improving the "memory" management scheme
    jay_steele: Which is what I mentioned previously
    jay_steele: Viigo will be smarter about what it keeps, what it tosses, etc.
    c1chrisc1: I don't know if you can do this. But it would sure be cool to watch youtube videos on viigo. And maybe have a feed of the featured video..etc
    ncc1701p: question re: memory mgmt/SD support. is that a limitation built into the BB OS ? or is that something you can program external of the OS
    jay_steele: If we do our job right, it can be done in a way that makes this completely seamless with no "think points" about memory
    niranjan: c1chrisc1: Video support is a natural extension of audio support.
    niranjan: Our objective is to eventually support video podcasts as well. But we're taking a phased approach.
    jay_steele: ncc1701p: not really a limitation, we just have to tell it where to store stuff... since our codebase comes from before the times of SD support, we just have to upgrade the code and make it smarter
    > Akakios enters the room
    ncc1701p: great
    > Shel enters the room
    jay_steele: next on the roadmap: Notifications & Alerts
    jay_steele: We'll be implementing two basic things: first is a way to quickly see if anything new has arrived in Viigo recently, like the red tomato splat you get on BB mail
    jay_steele: So you can see exactly which channels have just received new stuff
    nmadd: That's neat.
    c1chrisc1: What do you think of coming out with a desktop client of viigo?
    jay_steele: and second, you'll be able to set specific channels (of your choosing) to buzz/ring (as per the BB notification system)
    ncc1701p: if its something we can manage our own feeds vs going to the website and it feeds to our BB updating.. sounds good. two way sword
    jay_steele: so if you have a channel that is really important to you, you can set it to ring and open automatically, just like BB Mail
    SuzzyP: oh thats great
    PacketRat: very nice..
    > jamesarh enters the room
    Akakios: yeah, I like that idea
    ncc1701p: thats a good idea
    c1chrisc1: I love the notification idea
    petey: c1chrisc1: we're looking at ways to improve our users' overall web Viigo experience
    nmadd: Will that be handled in the in the BB profiles or in the client? Like if I change my profile to vibrate, will I also have to go into the client and change my RSS notifications as well?
    petey: ncc1701p: please see my post above
    jay_steele: No, we will tie into profiles
    PacketRat: The notification really intrigues me on a corporate level.
    ncc1701p: noted
    jay_steele: so you can set your profile appropriately for Viigo at the Profile level and Viigo will "do the right thing" for notifications
    nmadd: Cool.
    jay_steele: Notifications is something we acknowledge we have to be really careful with, as it could bug the heck out of people if we did it wrong
    niranjan: PacketRat: You're right. In fact, we have an enterprise version of Viigo, and the Notification feature request was driven by Enterprise requirements
    jay_steele: Again - if we use you guys as testers, we can bug the heck out of you first ;-)
    Akakios: lol bug away!
    jay_steele: Ok - last item on the roadmap for today is Sharing and Collaboration
    jay_steele: In the Pinstack version of Viigo you may notice that we include a bit more registration info (like email)
    jay_steele: This is partly so we can help people recover their passwords
    jay_steele: But it is also so we can allow Viigo users to easily find each other, and send things to each other
    alin: that would be cool
    jay_steele: So imagine you could send a feed or item to a Viigo friend, and it just appeared inside Viigo without needing to be routed through email
    PacketRat: Thats nice.
    c1chrisc1: I like it.
    jay_steele: And finally (and I'll pose this as a tease): Imagine if you could read AND post to PinStack directly from Viigo
    jay_steele: :-)
    jay_steele: We're working hard to make Viigo much, much more than just a simple RSS reader
    alin: I was thinking of that today, wow
    nmadd: That would be great.
    c1chrisc1: Wow. I'm looking forward to that.
    petey: Speaking of Sharing: Don't forget to refer a friend to Viigo! Our "Refer a Friend" contest is currently on!
    jay_steele: Yeah, we need your help referring people for sure
    petey: You could win some cool stuff!
    jay_steele: So that's it for roadmap items (at least that's all I'm going to mention today - haha)
    c1chrisc1: How long has viigo been out.
    niranjan: Viigo has been alive in some form or other since 2004
    niranjan: A prior version was called Newsclip.
    PacketRat: I used newsclip
    > megabandit enters the room
    jay_steele: So I think we want to open it up to a final Q&A
    ncc1701p: not specifically talking about blackberry: have you considered going to other platforms? (WindowsMobile, PalmOS)
    alin: I must say I think you guys have some great ideas, and I am looking forward to the upgrades....and thanks!!
    petey: alin: thanks for using Viigo.
    niranjan: We are currently on the WindowsMobile OS already.
    alin: np, I will be referring a few friends today!!
    ncc1701p: regarding the BB 8830: can you make it so that left-right on the trackball makes it do a page up and down?
    niranjan: No current plans to add support for PalmOS, but a lot of Palm devices do support WIndows - so they can provision our WIndows app.
    PacketRat: Question. Will with WM6 version have the same layout as the Blackberry version?
    >PacketRat_Mobile enters the room
    nmadd: Good question ncc: I was going to ask about keyboard shortcuts in the articles.
    jay_steele: PacketRat: Generally we try to keep Viigo "looking the same" but at the same time we have to adhere to the rules of WM6 certification
    jay_steele: So the answer is mostly, but not completely
    nmadd: I would love BB Browser-like shortcuts in the articles. So used to using them.
    petey: ncc1701p: we can investigate this: it depends on the BB O/S and what access we have to those APIs. if any.
    ncc1701p: every considered doing color coded categories or putting in dividers so you can categorize your rss feeds?
    jay_steele: ncc1701p: Its coming, we need it badly :-)
    petey: nmadd: we do have BB shortcuts, but it depends upon what screen you are in.
    ncc1701p: fantastic .. for the heavy users
    jay_steele: We're working on the spec for groups/dividers, so this is in progress
    petey: nmadd: when you're in 'Full Article' mode, use space bar to page down in an article
    c1chrisc1: When can we expect an updated version of viigo?
    petey: there are also other shortcuts...
    nmadd: I did notice that one petey. What are the others?
    petey: its' device dependent. (pearl versus 83/8800 devices.
    petey: i can send you the list.
    niranjan: c1chris1: There will be an update shortly to address some of the Pinstack issues that were raised in this recent release.
    nmadd: That would be awesome.
    jay_steele: Folks - I have to leave the chat now, but Peter and Niranjan are going to be here to finish off the discussion
    ncc1701p: what is the official forum on pinstack for viigo. i dont see a sticky one
    niranjan: With respect to some of the bigger ticket items that Jay talked about in the roadmap discussion, you can expect a Beta before the end of the year.
    jay_steele: I want to thank you once again for participating here, and I really look forward to hearing from you again
    nmadd: Thanks jay.
    SuzzyP: Thanks for sharing your program with us here at pinstack
    jay_steele: ttyl
    niranjan: ncc1701p: We'd love to have an official forum on Pinstack. We will work with Hayden to try to make this a reality.
    cherrichiodo: thanks viigo for participating can't wait to see the new updates
    ncc1701p: thanks.. u guys rock! keep up the fantastic work
    c1chrisc1: I have the main version of viigo. Is there any differences in features between viigo & pinstack viigo?
    niranjan: c1chrisc1: The main differences are: a) New Registration Wizard b) Pinstack oriented default feeds c) Backend server enhancments.
    > Akakios leaves the room
    niranjan: You get c) by default even on an older version.
    niranjan: Anyone can subscribe to Pinstack feeds by going to Add Channel and looking for the Pinstack feeds under Showcased Feeds in the Viigo category.
    niranjan: To take advantage of the better registration, you will need to upgrade to Pinstack version.
    > SuzzyP Signed Off 3:31:23 PM
    niranjan: Please note that when we take off the Beta label on this version, this version will be released for the Viigo brand as well
    nmadd: How many feeds are supposed to be in the Pinstack showcased feeds? I know I can add them another way but I only see 3.
    niranjan: Currently there are 3, but based on your feedback, we can add more to the channel library.
    nmadd: Gotcha.
    > Lavagirl enters the room
    nmadd: Great stuff. Thanks for the excellent application. It is by far my most used aftermarket app. Keep up the great work!
    hayden: Thanks all for you attendance and participation!
    niranjan: nmadd - we appreciate your comments. We look forward to releasing cooler stuff to keep you guys engaged.
    hayden: and thanks again to Virtual Reach for a very informative chat session.
    petey: thanks everyone for particiipating.
    niranjan: I'd like to thank everyone for attending. And thanks Hayden for this oppotunity of engaging with the Pinstack community

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    Re: Join our live chat with Viigo Wed, 10th 2007

    Over 40 Pinstackers logged in during the 2pm to 4pm chat period. Many could not stay ling as this was during work hours.

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    Re: Join our live chat with Viigo Wed, 10th 2007

    Thanks for getting that setup hayden. That was very informative and a lot of fun! I can't wait to see some of the improvements that were talked about.

    And thanks to the Viigo guys for being so helpful, informative and friendly. I thought I loved Viigo before!

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    Re: Join our live chat with Viigo Wed, 10th 2007

    ~via BB (
    I am so bummed that I had a huge fire to extinguish at work and was unable to attend. Sounds like some wonderful things coming to improve an already awesome app!

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    Re: Join our live chat with Viigo Wed, 10th 2007

    I only caught the tail end as I was at work
    But thanks for posting the chat log Hayden!
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    Re: Join our live chat with Viigo Wed, 10th 2007

    hey everyone - just because you missed the chat, doesn't mean that we still don't want to hear from you. contact us anytime with ideas, improvements, suggestions, etc -
    We read them all!

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