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This seems to be a fair Motorola Q review. RIM's stock price has been affected but more in a reactive nature. Look for RIM to climb back up within days or weeks after Motorola users begin to experience the Q.

Look for Verizon, Cingular and other US carriers to push this device (Motorola Q) intensively via TV ads and other Media. Much like they do with the Treo handhelds. It would be nice to see the Canadian's RIM Blackberry pushed equally as the competitors' devices. RIM has done wonders with the exposure and hype that they basically created on their own. - (A good read)
Saw three verizon TV ads for the Motorola Q within the last hour. If only they pushed the Blackberry half as much. I've heard that O2 and Vodafone pushes Blackberry big in Europe though.