Via zdnet: Even after the March preview and July release of the 'business-friendly' iPhone 2.0 software, it seems that most iPhones are being purchased by individuals rather than corporations, who still look to RIM's BlackBerry first when it comes to equipping their workers with mobile.

But the iPhone is fighting a guerrilla war in the business world, thanks to adoption by influential executives, chief information officers rethinking their approach to deploying technology, and younger workers who move seamlessly between their personal and business lives.

There are several high-profile businesses, such as Genentech and Disney (both with strong ties to Apple chief executive Steve Jobs), that have declared their intention to work with Apple on deploying iPhones inside their corporations. That seems to be having the effect of increasing the overall number of business smartphone users, however, rather than turning the iPhone into any kind of 'BlackBerry killer'.

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