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    Interview with Tony Carter, Public Relations Director of SpinVox


    SpinVox Voicemail for BlackBerry allows you to get your voicemails as emails within minutes and you can also see who’s left you the message. Then you have a choice – email or call them back, up to you.
    • Your Voicemails are prefixed with “SpinVox:” so it’s easy to sort voicemail from email.
    • The first part of the message is displayed in the subject line
    • Available on most BlackBerry models including 88xx, 83xx Curve, 8100 Pearl 8707g, 8700 and 7130.
    Sign up and Spinvox will send you an email telling you how to download the SpinVox for BlackBerry software. Sign up for your free trial.

    Interview: Tony Carter, Public Relations Director of SpinVox

    How did Spinvox get started?

    The idea for SpinVox was born when CEO Christina Domecq left a business meeting to discover 14 unlistened voice messages on her cell phone. As she methodically plodded through each message, she wondered aloud why she couldn’t receive these messages in text form, creating a more efficient and less frustrating option for retrieving and responding to voice messages. She broached the question with friend, former colleague and engineer Daniel Doulton and SpinVox was born. Five years later, the company operates on 4 continents, employs more than 350 people, has cemented deals with a dozen communications carriers and enjoys financial backing from some of the most prominent investors in the world.

    How does SpinVox work?
    SpinVox captures voice, converts it to text and sends it to any screen as either an email, SMS, blog or social networking posting. The power behind the SpinVox service is called the Voice Message Conversion System (VMCS), a home grown, live learning system that automatically conducts the conversions but can also call upon a human operator for assistance when it encounters a word it does not understand. In this way, the VMCS’s language library is constantly evolving, increasing the accuracy of conversions. SpinVox today offers a range of voice-to-text products, the most popular being its flagship voicemail product which enables people to have their voice messages converted to text and sent to them as email or SMS. This service is available directly through a number of global carriers and also on a retail basis.

    How accurate is the speech recognition technology?
    SpinVox users report a 97% degree of accuracy.

    How did you come up with the SpinVox doll idea?
    Our corporate montra is “Speaking Freely”. As a physical representation of how we turn speech into to text, we actually use live humans who look just like the dolls with letters that spin on their heads and spell out choreographed messages. The dolls are just a miniature version of the life-sized humans. They have been a huge hit at trade shows where people see and want to take one home. We even have a key chain size version now that’s quite popular too.

    Why should BlackBerry users try SpinVox?
    SpinVox has a plug-in adapted specifically for Blackberry users which allows them to receive voice messages as they would an email or SMS. When a voice message is converted to text, the SpinVox system scans the user’s address book and sends the message with that user’s name and phone number hyperlinked in the message. This allows the user to respond to the message with one-click, either by voice or by text.

    What sort of development and especially added features should we expect from SpinVox on BlackBerry in the not to distant future?
    Look for us to voice-enable a variety of current and future BlackBerry applications. We’ve publicly stated that speak a text or email is on our roadmap, so those applications would obviously have a following in the BlackBerry community. We have other applications we’re working on for a Unified Communications environment but we haven’t spoken publicly about those just yet.

    What languages is the service available in?
    SpinVox is the only voice-to-text provider to offer conversions in more than one language. Currently, SpinVox voice-to-text conversion services are available in English, Spanish, French and German. Through R&D investment, the company expects to expand to additional languages in the coming months and years.

    We featured Spinvox a while back and many of our members complained about the "high" subscription cost. You've since launched more competitive
    subscription plans. How has the response been thus far?

    We have launched $5.99 all-you-can eat packages through our carrier partners at Cincinnati Bell and Alltel. We’ve definitely found a sweet spot in the market at that price point. In a month-over-month comparison at just one of those carriers, we saw an 800 percent lift from the previous price point.

    Its easy to see how business users can benefit from this service, would you
    also recommend SpinVox to consumers?

    Without question SpinVox voice-to-text services have a multitude of benefits for both business users and consumers. It’s ideal for anyone who is looking for more efficiency in messaging and who appreciate the opportunity to message in the most natural way – using their own voice.

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    how does this compare to youmail? one difference i could see is that spinvox charges you but youmail is free.

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    Great interview H. I've been meaning to check this out since WES. Too bad we couldn't score those funky box head guys. :cry:
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    Quote Originally Posted by jrockett View Post
    Great interview H. I've been meaning to check this out since WES. Too bad we couldn't score those funky box head guys. :cry:
    Ha! I scored one my man. Had to flirt a bit the female rep to get it. Scored it for Gina so that makes it ok

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    Haha hilarious...The things men have to do for their woman.

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    ~via BB ( these voicemail services. Just don't know which to choose. Has anyone tested this program yet?

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