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Pro Softnet Corporation, a leader in the Storage-as-a-Service, Online Backup and Storage market, today announced ... Smartphone News forum

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    IDrive Updates IDrive Lite, the Online Backup App for iPhone and Blackberry


    Pro Softnet Corporation, a leader in the Storage-as-a-Service, Online Backup and Storage market, today announced updates to its IDrive Lite application for iPhone and Blackberry.

    IDrive Lite allows users to backup their contacts on their mobile devices to their accounts into the cloud and also enables restores from anywhere in the event of a loss. In addition, it also grants access via any browser to manage their contacts. Options also include importing from popular social networking sites such as Facebook.

    Recent updates include reliability and performance fixes to both the iPhone and the Blackberry version. Additionally, if registered under the same account, it will allow users to restore contacts from a different device, a very handy tool if one is upgrading from an earlier version of the device to a newer one, or switching between an iPhone and a Blackberry. Moreover, IDrive Lite continues to be a free service.

    "It was important to provide a solid online backup utility for the mobile platforms and IDrive Lite is an endeavor in that direction. Our development team is continually working to enhance device compatibility and cross-platform restores. We are also working toward including more types of data in the backup process such as calendar information and notes," said Raghu Kulkarni, CEO of Pro Softnet Corp.
    Device requirements:

    iPhone (OS 2.0 or later)
    BlackBerry (OS 4.6+; support for 9000, 89xx, 95xx and 8220 from site, and I'm sure it supports the newer devices (9630 and 8520) though their site has not been updated.

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    I've posted on this App a few times also and I can't say enough good things about it. If you are person who wants to protect your contacts from being lost or find yourself worried about switching devices and not having an easy way to transfer everything over to your new device this App is for you. Best part is? It's FREE.

    If your a MM user you may want to pass but other than that I can't think of any other reason not to give it a shot.

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    I read somewhere that the contacts that were being sync'd to the service, where suddenly getting spam. They were attributing that to the contacts [with email addresses] being included in marketing that they didn't authorize.

    Has anyone tried this??

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